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      Unveiling LinkedIn Lead Gen Campaigns

      May 01, 2017

      3 minute read

      For many marketers, collecting quality leads is hard and capturing form submissions is harder. An extra step added to the conversion funnel results might result in users dropping out. If you as a marketer are facing these problems, looks like LinkedIn just heard your plight and rolled out Lead Gen Forms which work best for B2B services.This stellar solution helps you drive high-quality leads by providing a frictionless way of reaching out to consumers. It prevents users from filling a clunky form on their smartphone, thereby removing the main barrier to mobile conversion. Let’s dive in to know more about this latest offering by LinkedIn:

      What Can You Do with Lead Gen Forms?

      With the aim to drive even more high-quality leads, Lead Gen Forms automatically populate an in-app form whenever users click on one of your lead gen ads. This helps streamline mobile form submissions thereby reducing the conversion funnel.Typical Lead Gen cycleLinkedin Lead Gen cycleIt also allows you to:

      Manage Your Leads: Download, manage and access leads using a CRM tool of your choice through Zapier and Driftrock. Marketers will soon be able to send their lead data directly to Oracle Eloqua, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Marketo.

      Generate High-Quality Leads: Increase the number of high quality leads at a conversion rate that surpasses standard campaigns.

      Measure ROI of Campaigns: Use built-in reporting tools in your LinkedIn Campaign Manager and track the campaign’s cost per lead, conversion rate, and the lead form fill rate.

      Increase Mobile Conversions: Drive leads from mobile devices where conversion rates tend to be lower comparatively as this ad campaign feature is especially available for LinkedIn’s mobile app.[/vc_column_text]

      How Does It Work?

      Lead Gen Forms work in the following way:

      • A user clicks on your ad to sign up for a webinar/event, or to download an asset.
      • Upon clicking, they see a form that has been prefilled by pulling out information from their LinkedIn profile. Such as their name, contact info, age as well as other information such as their company name, job title, and so on.
      • On submitting the lead form, users will automatically see a ‘Thank You’ message and a direct link to the page which contains the downloadable content of their choice.

      Steps to Create Lead Gen Campaigns:

      Lead Generation Form template is created in the following way:

      Step 1: Click on ‘Tools’ on the top right side of the ‘Campaign Manager’ page
      Step 2: Select ‘Lead Forms’ from the drop-down listLead Gen Form - ToolsStep 3: Click on ‘Create New Form Template’ on the top right side
      Step 4: You will see the Lead Gen Form editor as below. Fill the required details and click ‘Save’Lead Gen Forms screenshotLead Gen Forms help connect marketers with interested consumers thereby enabling them to drive a greater ROI from their lead gen campaigns. By making the entire process of gathering consumer information more efficient and seamless, lead gen campaigns gradually result in more leads, a higher ROI and optimum results. In the coming months, LinkedIn plans on expanding this capability to desktop as well.

      Do you think this feature by LinkedIn will provide new opportunities to the marketers in 2017? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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