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      Joomla vs Drupal – Which CMS is better?

      Jun 29, 2010

      2 minute read

      Content Management System (CMS) is a collection of procedures used to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. A CMS allows large number of people to contribute to and share stored data. Drupal and Joomla are the two top open source content management systems these days so a comparison between them is inevitable.

      Comparison between Drupal and Joomla

      Features Drupal Joomla
      Content Construction Drupal allows multilevel category. Joomla has sections and single level of category.
      Drupal provides support for tagging the content. Joomla lacks this feature.
      Drupal can create different content types. Joomla has only one content type. But all above features can be extended through custom componet like jsebold , k2 ,sobi2 etc
      Ease of Use Drupal has text based admin panel that requires some time understanding the terminology. Joomla has excellent GUI and is quite easy to understand.
      Template/Themes Very few commercial themes are available in Drupal. Joomla has a wide selection of free and commercial designs
      Drupal has excellent overriding features. Joomla has limited overide functions
      Drupal supports multiple themes. Only a single template can be used with Joomla at one time.
      Access Control List In Drupal, user can create unlimited user level s, roles, users groups and set permissions. Joomla has only 3 user levels and 7 user groups.
      Performance Page loading fast in Drupal. Page loading slow in Joomla
      SEO Drupal has clean search engine friendly (SEF) urls and code is generally well-optimized. Joomla requires a third party extension to have SEF urls.
      Internationalization Drupal has inbuilt support for multilingual sites. Joomla requires third party extension e.g. joomfish.
      Multisites Drupal can create multisites and sub-sites and data can be shared between the sites. Joomla does not have the multisite feature.
      Development Drupal does not follow the MVC structure, instead it uses limited OOPS concept. Joomla follow MVC structure.
      Drupal can be extended through new module. Drupal provides hooks to extend system. Joomla can be extended through new extension and module and provide plugins to extend system capability.
      Drupal provides template override to theme of every page Joomla has limited template override features.
      E-commerce Drupal has ubercart for ecommerce Joomla has virtuemart
      Forums Drupal has inbuilt forum support Joomla requires Agora, Kunena
      Document Management Drupal lacks this Joomla has docman
      Photo Galleries & Event Calendars Requires third party modules and extensions Requires third party modules and extensions

      Joomla is easy to use, simple and intuitive. Any novice user can use Joomla to build and run a good website. While Drupal has a bit complicated terminology which is not easy to use and requires high level of technical knowledge to understand and build successful websites.

      What do you think?

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