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      Latest Marketo Updates – March 2015 Release & Spring 2015 Product Release

      Apr 16, 2015

      3 minute read

      Marketo’s marvelous moves adds all the more mauve in the March & April’s miraculous updates

      Lavender Flowers

      Marketo’s March Release adds some exciting new features that make their roadmap for year ahead. The following features are included in the March 2015 release.

      • Google Adwords Integration: Now you can link your Google AdWords account to Marketo and easily upload offline conversion data from Marketo to Google Adwords. This enhancement will enable you to view which clicks resulted in qualified leads, opportunities and customers.
      • Revenue Explorer Redesign: Revenue Explorer has a revamped look which is easy to use and understand, along with the new Sunburst chart type.
      • New Asset Rest APIs: You can now create and edit emails, templates, my tokens, files and snippets using the API.
      • Microsoft Dynamics 2015 on Premise: An upgraded Marketo lead management Microsoft Dynamics Solution is available with latest installer and is accessible through the app.
      • RTP – Personalized Web Engagement with Lead Data: You can now create real-time segmentation and personalized content campaigns, leveraging the lead data fields in your Marketo lead database. You can now manage your lead data fields in RTP and modify (add/delete) relevant lead data fields.
      • RTP – Personalize Web Content by Email or Program Campaign Name: You can segment and personalize campaigns by email referral from a visitor arriving on site by clicking on Marketo email. Segment by Marketo Program Name or Campaign Name and stay engaged with your leads across channels from email to web.

      Not to be overshadowed with the exciting features of March 15 Release, Spring 2015 Product Release brings in a lot of innovations that Marketing Nation will truly love. Marketo’s Spring 2015 Product Release unifies mobile, advertising and other digital marketing channels, revolutionizing marketers’ ability to engage with customers everywhere. The game changing product announcements by Marketo allows you to deliver the right message at the right time across any digital channel, including mobile and digital advertising – all from one platform – the Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform.

      The new and exciting set of product innovations

      1. Marketo Mobile Engagement: As per a recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, mobile marketing is one of the top areas of investment in the next five years. Till now, the potential of mobile marketing as an engagement marketing channel has not been explored fully. To bridge the gap between mobile and other marketing channels, Marketo has introduced Marketo Mobile Engagement program that delivers mobile experiences from a single, integrated platform. Marketo Mobile Engagement allows marketers to-
        • Observe customer behavior across web, social, email and advertising channels
        • Communicate directly with the customers within the mobile environment
        • Trigger communications across other digital channels based on behaviors detected in the mobile environment
        • Deliver personalized push messaging & in-app notifications customized to customers’ needs
      2. Marketo Ad Bridge: Marketo Ad Bridge makes digital advertising personal. It enables marketers to effectively optimize and manage their expense. Ad Bridge allows marketers to-
        • Connect online advertising efforts to marketing strategy so that they can find and attract right prospects
        • Combine Marketo’s marketing insights with ad tech solutions, allowing them to target right audience and create more personalized ads

      Marketo Ad BridgeSource:
      1. Marketo Calendar HD: Marketo Calendar HD is an extension of Marketo Calendar. It allows marketers to-
        • Enhance their communication and coordination by displaying their programs or plans in large formatted displays (like wall mounted LCDs or TV displays)
        • Align their marketing initiatives to business goals, providing better visibility to sales, C-suite and other company stakeholders
      2. Marketo Moments: Marketo moments are an exquisitely designed mobile application. It allows Marketo users to-
        • View the most important and updated marketing program information
        • View the performance of their most recent marketing campaigns in real-time
        • Preview the upcoming campaigns from the convenience of their mobile devices
        • View the reports that help them to measure the impact of their marketing efforts
        • Use the share feature to celebrate the program success with other teams

      The March Release notes and Spring 2015 Product Release show that Marketo is ramping up their platform to accommodate the growing needs of their users.

      Want to make the most of all the latest Marketo updates?

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