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      Leverage Dynamic Content in Marketo to Increase ROI

      Mar 18, 2014

      5 minute read

      If you are able to combine marketing automation with dynamic content, you will see

      • Better ROI
      • Precise Targeting
      • High Conversion Rate

      Content Can Move Mountains but When Delivered To the Right People

      Your marketing efforts’ success is based on the deliverance of your content to the right prospects and leads. This is possible when you are able to segment your audience based on:

      • Demographics like name, company name, job title, phone, and email address
      • Firmographics like location, annual revenue, number of employees, and industry
      • Past behavior like responses to emails or actions taken on your website
      • Products or services already purchased can help you up-sell or cross-sell relevant products or services
      • Psychographics and preferences like interests, attitudes, and opinions
      • Behaviour of related contacts like actions, interests, and preferences of others

      With this segmentation, you deliver better and your prospects pay attention, never mind the content deluge. One of the best ways to do this is by using marketing automation for content delivery. As ardent fans of Marketo, we have covered Marketo’s capabilities in rest of the post.

      Using Dynamic Content in Marketo

      With dynamic content capabilities, Marketo is helping you to better personalize, customize, and segment content.

      The two ways in which you can use dynamic content in Marketo are:

      1. Emails
      2. Landing Pages

      This table summarizes how to use Marketo Lead Tokens, Snippets, Segments, and Javascript for creating Emails and Landing Pages.

      Ways to Create Custom Content

      Marketo Lead Tokens



      Mobile Specific


      Used For Personalization Content Content Content/CTA
      Platform:Landing Pages
      Used For Personalization Content Content Content/CTA Content & Personalization

      Platform: Emails

      Marketo Lead Tokens

      Used for: Personalization

      • Using Tokens, we can insert value for any lead attribute in the Subject line, From Name, and body of the email.
      • To add dynamic content, you can create a Custom Field for each lead. While creating an email, you can use this custom token to insert dynamic content.

      Snippets with Segments

      Used for: Content

      • Marketo Design Studio does not allow direct use of Segments, while creating emails.
      • Snippets can be used to replace any editable section in an email.
      • Snippet Editor allows you to create different content for each lead segment type.
      • When you send email campaigns, users with Job Title as Engineer will see different content and Managers will see different content.

      Platform: Landing Pages

      Marketo Lead Tokens

      Used for: Personalization

      • Using Tokens, we can insert value for any lead attribute in the body of the landing page.
      • To add dynamic content, you can create a Custom Field. This field will have dynamic content for each lead. While creating an email, you can use this custom token to insert dynamic content


      Used for: Content

      • Unlike emails, Marketo Design Studio allows use of Segments directly while creating landing pages.
      • Segments allow us to use custom content for a particular list segment created on the basis on list attributes.
      • For e.g. in a list of 100 leads, using segments, we can display custom content to users, separated on basis of country.
      • Drawback: Marketo allows us to create only 20 different segments in complete Marketo instance


      Used for: Content & Personalization

      • JavaScript method can be used to display dynamic content in different ways in Landing Pages only.
      • For e.g. when a user clicks on a button or hovers on a section, you can display custom content to him. In a form, if user selects or fills particular field, he can be shown custom messages.
      • JS can also be used to display personalized content for each lead, based on the attributes, when he lands on the page.


      Used for: Content

      • Snippets let you use same email with different content for different campaigns.
      • Snippets can be used to replace editable sections on a landing page.
      • If you want to create an email, using same templates but with different number of sections each time you can create different snippets for each type. Like three boxes in a column or just single box, i.e. 1-box layout, 2-box layout or a 3-box layout.

      Platform: Email and Landing Page

      Mobile Specific Content-Email & Landing Page

      Used for: Content/CTA

      • Creating Responsive Emails and Landing Pages is the first step to fulfil the needs of users viewing your content on a mobile device.
      • With mobile device specific content, you can modify the CTA and increase the conversion rate for campaigns.
      • With media queries, you can choose which sections to display and which sections to hide on different resolutions. Therefore, on iPhone, you can display a mobile-specific CTA and hide it when the email is viewed on a desktop.

      About Grazitti Marketo Services

      The process to add and manage Dynamic Content in Marketo can take careful development and testing to ensure all parts work together. To ease your life and save time, we can help with your Dynamic Content needs. To know more, contact us today at

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