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      Leveraging Dell Boomi for Seamless On-Demand Integrations

      Jul 04, 2017

      2 minute read

      Most SaaS applications have to be integrated with other on-premises, in-cloud, or SaaS apps to deliver their full value. As businesses leverage numerous SaaS applications, they often face issues with integrations and look for solutions to make their apps and services interoperated efficiently. Without a streamlined solution, businesses face costly, complex, and time-consuming challenges, which ultimately deviate their focus from core operations.Dell Boomi IntegrationDell Boomi has emerged as a one-stop solution for all types of integration requirements. It connects any combination of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), cloud or on-premises applications with a simple do-it-yourself approach. You’ll no longer have to install and maintain software packages or appliances to integrate any platform as this fully on-demand integration platform enables you to securely build, deploy, and manage complex integration processes using a single web browser.

      A Tale of Two Use Cases

      Our Salesforce developers have integrated different platforms leveraging Dell Boomi to help clients transit and access data with ease.

      Use Case 1

      Salesforce-Netsuite Integration using Dell Boomi

      Challenge: While leads were handled in the CRM (Salesforce) system, orders had to be manually entered in the ERP (NetSuite) system. It was very difficult to track customer interactions and obtain accurate information when there were two different systems unable to communicate with each other.

      Solution provided: We integrated NetSuite and Salesforce using Dell Boomi Atmosphere and scheduled it to run every 15 minutes.

      Result: Automated syncing of leads from Salesforce to Netsuite every 15 minutes.

      NetSuite-Salesforce integration provides an organization with a totally seamless lead-to-cash process that improves cash flow, removes manual order entry and minimizes order errors.

      Use Case 2

      FTP-Marketo Integration using Dell Boomi

      Challenge: All the data used to be shared in a CSV file format over FTP, and needed to be parsed and then pushed over to Marketo as Leads and Opportunities.

      Solution Provided: We integrated FTP and Marketo using Dell Boomi Atmosphere.

      Result: Automated syncing of Leads and Opportunities from FTP files to Marketo platform.

      FTP-Marketo integration builds sophisticated workflows for organizations to automate marketing work, reduce manual Lead/Opportunity entry and eliminate human error.


      Dell Boomi has completely redefined the way of buying and deploying integration capabilities. With Dell Boomi, companies need to pay only for the connections they deploy, instead of paying for an entire integration software suite. Your account with Boomi will be self-provisioning, which means you can sign up for an account and start building integrations without coding and connect different platforms easily.

      Need to Integrate Technology Platforms using Dell Boomi? Contact Us.

      At Grazitti Interactive, our certified Salesforce developers leverage Dell Boomi to help numerous companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to small and medium businesses build, deploy, and manage their integrations with unparalleled ease. To know more about our custom integration services, drop us an email at [email protected].

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