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      Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions With HubSpot Dashboards & Reporting

      Dec 08, 2023

      5 minute read

      According to a survey, 92% of marketing decision-makers believe that a well-designed presentation of data results in improved decision-making(i).

      Think of data visualization as a super helpful tool to make sense of lots of data. Instead of staring at endless numbers, it turns that info into pictures, graphs, and charts that are way easier to look at and get. It’s the secret sauce to quickly figure out important stuff, like spotting trends and making fast decisions.

      data visualization

      However, even though data visualization and reporting are crucial, many companies struggle to navigate the analytics landscape.

      The real magic happens when you combine data visualization and reporting into actionable insights that align with your marketing goals.

      That’s where HubSpot Reporting comes in! It unlocks the hidden potential of your data to guide your business toward success.

      With HubSpot reporting, you can track your marketing performance across all channels, identifying areas for improvement, and making better decisions about your marketing campaigns.

      In this blog post, we will take a closer look at HubSpot reporting and its custom report builder. Additionally, we talk about HubSpot dashboards and reporting software, which can significantly elevate your marketing reporting capabilities.

      HubSpot Reporting & Custom Report Builder

      HubSpot reporting and HubSpot custom report builder work together to provide a comprehensive and flexible data analysis solution.

      HubSpot reporting is a broader concept that encompasses the entire reporting functionality offered by HubSpot. It gives you the power to create custom dashboards that pull data from a variety of sources. This flexibility allows you to combine multiple reports into a single presentation so that everyone can focus on the information that matters to them. HubSpot reporting is ideal for inbound marketing, as it can track everything from blog metrics and SEO to brand mentions on social media.

      On the other hand, the HubSpot custom report builder is a specific tool within the HubSpot reporting ecosystem. It allows you to look at different data from various sources in HubSpot. What makes it unique compared to other reports is that you can see data from both marketing and sales activities, not just objects. For instance, you can create a report to see how your target accounts are interacting with your website.

      This feature is available with all the HubSpot Hubs (Professional and Enterprise subscriptions).

      HubSpot Dashboard and Reporting Software & Its Benefits

      HubSpot’s dashboard and reporting software provide users with a centralized view of their performance metrics, helping them track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, sales activities, and customer interactions.

      Here are the benefits of HubSpot dashboard and reporting software.

      Have Important Data in One Place

      As your company grows, access to right data becomes crucial. Instead of using spreadsheets or waiting for an analyst to create reports, turn HubSpot into your central data hub. Connect CRM, marketing, sales, and service data, and even integrate data from other business apps to generate comprehensive and powerful custom reports.

      HubSpot Data in One Place

      Make Personalized Dashboards for Your Team

      Create flexible dashboards that combine multiple reports, so everyone can easily see the metrics that matter most. Build high-level dashboards for leadership or specific ones for team members to track their progress.

      Personalized HubSpot Dashboards

      Design Dashboards to Match Your Needs

      Customize your reports to fit your business requirements. Start with pre-built dashboards from HubSpot’s template library, then use the drag-and-drop editor to make further adjustments. You can easily share these dashboards via Slack or email directly within HubSpot.

      Design HubSpot Dashboards

      Ensure Secure Data Management

      Only give access to the data people really need, and keep personal info protected. Use advanced reporting permissions to set reports and dashboards as public or private, and control access for specific users and teams, providing better control over your data.

      HubSpot Dashboard Examples

      HubSpot dashboard and reporting help you to track the right metrics. Additionally, you can gain valuable insights into your marketing performance that will help you to make informed decisions and achieve your goals.

      Here are a few examples of HubSpot marketing dashboards.

      Blog Performance Dashboard

      This dashboard helps track how well your blog is doing. Moreover, you can identify which posts are doing well with your email subscribers or on social media, so you can promote them even more or even repurpose them into different content assets. It includes metrics like:

      • Click-through rates (CTR) of blog posts
      • Website traffic and page views
      • Number of email subscribers
      • CTRs for emails sent to subscribers
      Blog Performance Dashboard

      HubSpot Leads by Source

      This dashboard shows where your leads are coming from. It helps you choose which traffic sources to prioritize and find opportunities in each source. The dashboard includes important metrics like:

      • Conversion rate
      • Top sources for contacts
      • Contacts gained from different social media platforms
      HubSpot Leads by Source

      Best Practices for Optimizing Your Dashboards and Reporting in HubSpot

      When you create your dashboards in HubSpot, remember that it’s not just about the numbers. You want your analytics to tell a clear and meaningful story.

      Here are a few effective strategies to optimize your dashboards and reporting in HubSpot.

      Address a Specific Problem

      Make sure your dashboard focuses on solving a particular business goal. It should reflect the progress toward your objectives and how your team is tackling specific challenges.

      Know Your Audience

      Consider who will be looking at your dashboard. Tailor the content to suit the needs of stakeholders. Different audiences require different metrics to understand the reports effectively.

      Provide Context to Numbers

      Adding historical data for comparison can offer valuable context to your current numbers. For instance, if you received five calls, it might seem insignificant, but if you started with only one, that’s a significant improvement. Additionally, include text blocks to explain what worked well or what didn’t.

      Make It Easy to Skim

      Keep your most important information prominently displayed, ideally in a large block at the top-left of the dashboard. Use bullet points and short paragraphs to present information clearly and concisely. This will help users quickly grasp the key insights.


      HubSpot dashboards and reporting software assist marketers in generating valuable marketing reports that provide essential insights for business growth. By utilizing a range of ready-to-use reports and the option to design custom dashboards, you can easily monitor key performance metrics and pinpoint areas that require enhancement.

      Additionally, it enables you to track your progress effectively and enhance your outcomes. By making informed decisions based on the outcomes, you can drive your business forward and achieve significant growth.

      Ready to Transform Your Data Into Insights With HubSpot Dashboards & Reporting Software? Talk to Us!

      If you’re looking to implement HubSpot dashboards and reporting into your existing system, our experts know a thing or two about it. Just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!

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