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      Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Winter ‘23 Release: Top 7 Updates to Look Out For

      Mar 24, 2023

      4 minute read

      Salesforce has never failed to impress its users with its new releases every year.

      While its previous edition’s updates and features are still creating a buzz, Salesforce announced the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Winter ‘23 release later in the year 2022.

      Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, earlier known as Pardot, has a new release that enables users to extract more value from their Salesforce investment.

      Undoubtedly, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement has always empowered marketers to increase lead generation, enhance team efficiency, and accelerate conversions. In fact, it is one of the most used tools in the marketing automation world!

      And now, the new Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Winter ’23 release is all set to equip you with better features and enhancements that elevate your marketing efforts.

      In this blog post, let’s dive into our take on the top updates of this Winter ‘23 release.

      Top 7 Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Updates

      Top 7 Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Updates

      1. Automate Tasks With Improved Extensibility

      You can now take actions on prospects outside of Account Engagement as part of extensibility improvements.

      With the help of External Actions, you can maximize the usage of all the current channels and create third-party applications. Since External Actions are based on invocable actions, you can modify them to suit the requirements of your business. For instance, based on an activity a prospect took with your marketing collateral, you might want to send them a survey, send them a text message, or even log a case.

      2. Simplify Opt-Out Status

      The ‘Opt-Out’ field’s sync behavior cannot be set to “use most recently updated.” This means, you must decide between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement as the system of record for opt-outs. Now, either Account Engagement or Salesforce will have control over the Opt-Out sync behavior. If you’re using the former to send out emails and generate leads, set Account Engagement as your source.

      However, if you are sending emails from any other system (like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud), you’ll need different Opt-Out options for each platform and automation to streamline them.

      3. Sync All Prospects

      A simple button is now available to initiate a full sync rather than modifying a custom field that is mapped to a Salesforce field.

      Instead, you can use the connector’s “sync all prospect records” button when you need to execute a complete sync of prospects with your Leads and Contacts.

      4. Pause Prospect Activity

      Marketing Cloud Account Engagement can now measure prospect activity more accurately and keep overactivity (which is a tell-tale sign of bot-like activity) from being tracked by pausing prospect activity.

      When you stop a prospect’s activity an error will appear on a prospect record and be displayed by an icon in the list view. However, prospects who have been paused but are still logged in will continue to receive marketing emails.

      5. Access to Identity-Licensed Users

      Users that required access to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement but not Salesforce typically transitioned into Identity Users when Salesforce switched to SSO (Single Sign-On). However, marketers cannot use the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Lightning app with Identity User licenses. They were missing out on features like Lightning Landing Page and Email Builders.

      The Winter ’23 release tries to resolve these issues with a new permission set and permission set license that gives users access to these features.

      6. Manage Your Storage

      The files list view now displays the “Last Viewed” field, making it simpler to spot files that haven’t been accessed in a while. This helps you to conduct an audit and organize your content storage effectively.

      7. Safeguard Your Forms

      Forms served on the default domain will not be impacted, but a security update that better safeguards your forms and marketing content is now available.

      Make sure your forms and landing pages are being served through a custom domain in order to benefit from this new security improvement.

      The WordPress plug-in for Account Engagement is affected by the security upgrade that improves the security of your forms and marketing content. Clear the cache in the WordPress plug-in settings to get the most recent updates.

      Bonus Tip From Our Marketing Automation Aces: Pardot Classic App is retired, but you can still access it via However, to access Account Engagement in Salesforce completely and to gain access to the most recent features and improvements, use the Account Engagement Lightning app (formerly the Pardot Lightning app).

      Wrapping Up

      Salesforce is renowned for its unwavering commitment to ongoing developments. Several times a year, they bring in new updates to keep up with their users’ latest demands. And, the recent update from Q4 of 2022, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Winter ’23 release, is one of them!

      It can help you to track and evaluate the outcomes of your customer interactions and give you additional insights into their behavior. Using this information, you can optimize the tone and content of your marketing campaigns based on selected criteria so that you can deliver content that delights your customers. It helps you in scaling your businesses, reducing costs, aligning your marketing and sales teams to collaborate effectively, and a lot more!

      Want to Make the Most of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Winter ‘23 Release? Talk to Us!

      If you’re looking to manage, automate, and scale your marketing activities with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, our experts can help you do that easily. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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