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      Marketing Nation Summit 2016: 5 Sessions that You Can’t Miss Out On

      May 06, 2016

      3 minute read

      The Marketing Nation Summit is just around the corner. Slated to be the biggest summit ever to have been hosted by Marketo, the event is going to attract more than 6000 marketers and thought leaders from around the world. The 2016 summit provides the perfect opportunity for would-be marketers and professionals to rub shoulders with the who’s-who of the marketing world along with a chance to meet actor and producer, Will Smith!

      With as many as 100 unique sessions and workshops, it won’t be easy to narrow down sessions which would provide you with the maximum ROI. That’s why we have made a list of the top 5 sessions that every marketer should attend at the summit.Google Confirms 4 AdWords Ads on Top

      ABM Success Path – Infrastructure & Campaign Secrets Unveiled

      When: May 10th at 1pm
      Where: Room 319
      ABM has taken the marketing world by storm, but it’s not business as usual for a lot of companies. In this interactive session by Charlie Liang, Director of Marketing at BigPanda, and Josh Hill, Marketing Technology Consultant at Marketing Rockstar Guides, you’ll learn how Marketo Champions work their magic on ABM and how you can master that as well.

      Beyond Basic Targeting: Building your Nurture Targeting Strategy and Proving Real ROI

      When: May 10th at 4:30pm
      Where: Room 319
      Holding true to this year’s theme of the Marketing Nation Summit, this session will enable marketers to think and move beyond traditional targeting and nurturing strategies. Edward Unthank, the Founder of Etumos will talk about advanced targeting by taking advantage of database segmentation, customized scoring etc. This session will enable you to not only improve your ROI, but also understand and create improved nurture targeting strategies.

      Marketo Pro Tips: New Ideas You Can Implement Today

      When: May 11th at 2pm
      Where: Room 319
      Back by popular demand, this year’s Pro Tips session is guaranteed to be more informative than ever. Marketo Champions, Adam New-Waterson and Jeff Shearer will take the stage and share their tricks and tips so that marketers can make the most of Marketo.

      Unthinkable: The 3 Behaviors behind Wildly Creative Teams and Marketers

      When: May 11th at 9:30am
      Where: Room 313/316
      Jay Acunzo, the host and creator of the ‘Unthinkable’ podcast will host this witty and creative session where he’ll talk about how to think and act creatively. This informative talk will teach marketers the importance of creativity and how to tap into their creative reserves to create successful marketing campaigns.

      Marketo on Digital Advertising: The Definitive Session

      When: May 12th at 9:30am
      Where: Room 310
      Hear the story of digital advertising straight from the horse’s mouth! This hands-on session has Marketo’s senior marketing managers talking about digital advertising and how, if leveraged properly, can prove to be an indispensable tool for marketers. Get insights on how Marketo runs their digital advertising along with real world examples.

      Apart from the interesting sessions, the 2016 summit will also have one full day reserved as University Day, wherein interested folks can learn and master new skills. The Marketing Conference of the Year, as called by Marketo, promises to be just that!

      Schedule a Meeting with Us at the Marketing Nation Summit 2016

      With a team of Marketo certified experts, Grazitti offers exceptional marketing automation solutions. We have helped companies like Canon, Alteryx, Apttus, Optimizely, and others leverage Marketo to maximize their revenue on marketing investment. To have a demo of our advanced Marketo plugins and solutions, meet us at the Marketing Nation Summit 2016, Booth B118, Expo Hall, or just drop us a line at [email protected]

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