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Marketo Guided Landing Page Templates – Here’s What’s New

by on May 09, 2018 in Landing Page, Landing Page Development, Marketo

Marketo’s guided landing page templates make designing a landing page simple. If you’ve used them before, you know only specific regions or variables defined as editable can be customized.

We’ve complemented to this and made guided landing page design a cakewalk. Our Marketo developers have added more features to the editable sections of these templates.

Marketo Guided Landing Page TemplatesYou can now easily customize the landing page design from within the “Guided” landing page editor, as and when you want.

Let’s take a look at the features:


From the Elements section, choose the content type you want to edit the appearance of— text, images or other Marketo assets.


In the Variables section, you can now adjust the positioning and style of different sections of the landing page, without code.

We have defined different toggle buttons for adjusting different sections and subsections on your landing page.

1. Column Width Adjust

By default, the button shows the defined columns for a particular section. You can slide the button to “Hide” mode to adjust the selected column width and fit to screen.

Marketo Guided LP Templates - Column Width Adjust

2. Column Interchange

In case you want to interchange the columns of a particular section, slide the “Column interchange” button to the left. It will interchange the columns with each other.

Marketo Guided LP Templates - Column Interchange

3. Order Sections

Defining the order in which all the sections of the landing page will appear is now a piece of cake. You can simply enter the number for the corresponding position you want a particular section to be located on the page using the Order Sections tab.

Marketo Guided LP Templates - Order Sections

Can’t Wait to Start Using the New Editor? Get in Touch.

With more features, the guided template editor just got a little more user-friendly. At Grazitti Interactive, we will help you get familiar with the new editor and get the most out of it. To know more, drop us a line at or click here to learn more about our Marketo services.


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