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      Marketo’s May 2015 Release Expands on New Features

      Jun 02, 2015

      2 minute read

      It’s been a month since Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit, and with this new release, we see the key announcements from the Summit come to life. Marketo’s March and April releases focused on new digital advertising and mobile capabilities for the Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform.

      The May 2015 release expands upon these features, including some additional upgrades to email deliverability, email program and real-time personalization.

      marketo release

      These are the key features included in the May release:

      Fully Responsive Landing Pages

      The spotlight is on Guided Landing Page Editor-a new landing page editing mode and template syntax. Unlike “Free-form” landing page editor, the new “Guided” landing page editor provides a structured editing experience for fully responsive landing pages. The Landing Page editor has a special syntax that is customizable and it guides you as to where the content should go to optimize the user experience.

      Abort Email Program

      If you hit ‘send’ too soon, you can still stop that email from going out! The new abort email program button lets you pull the brakes and stop in-flight email programs right in their tracks. However, keep in mind that if the email program is aborted, it cannot be rescheduled. Also, this new feature may not be able to aid you if your audience is small as Marketo can be lightning fast.

      Email Deliverability

      In the January release, Marketo had released the option of configuring both DKIM and SPF records in the admin area, making it easier to ensure good email deliverability. In this release, Marketo has enhanced this feature by running weekly automated SPF and DKIM checks on your added domains. This feature is extremely useful, particularly for consultants or agencies who are regularly configuring new domains.

      Email template behavior change

      As of this release, valid HTML comments are now allowed and not stripped out when creating new emails. Earlier, background images were blocked by Outlook, but now, we can add background images in an email template.

      RTP: Drag-and-Drop Segment Editor

      Create a real-time segment with drag and drop segment editor. It allows you to drag and drop your criteria into the segment builder, define the value, and engage your prospects in real time.

      RTP: Predictive Content Recommendations

      RTP’s predictive analytics algorithm will auto-discover assets on your site, and machine-learning will recommend the right assets to the right prospect. This feature allows you to embed these dynamic assets directly in your page, providing enhanced UX flexibility. You can insert images and text descriptions to make the content visually appealing and recommend more than one content asset.

      Marketo’s May Release, although modest in size, brings in some significant upgrades to existing features. Have any questions about these new features? Want to learn how we can help you make the most of the latest updates? Get in touch with our Marketo experts.

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