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      Meet Grazitti at TSW 2018 in Las Vegas, Oct. 15–17

      Oct 11, 2018

      2 minute read

      We are excited to be participating at the TSW conference in Las Vegas. This year, we will be showcasing five innovative products for companies aspiring to step up the LAER ladder.

      1. SearchUnify
      2. Salesforce-Jira Connector
      3. Lithium-Salesforce Case Connector
      4. Email-to-Case Advanced
      5. Ideas Pro

      Let’s have a chat at booth 13 if you are going to TSW and are interested in:


      1. Saving $3M a Year by Improving Internal Search

      SearchUnify can save you $2–3 million a year if your company employs 100 programmers.

      It is an enterprise-grade cognitive search solution designed to make it easier for employees to find internal information and customers to search help documentation.

      2. Increasing Your Support Agents’ Productivity 7X

      Your support reps can solve cases specific to a product much faster if they have an access to product/engineering team

      Salesforce-Jira Connector is a native Salesforce app that lets your support and product development teams communicate with each other without leaving their favorite tools. Engineers can continue using Jira and support reps can stay in Salesforce Service Cloud.

      After the implementation, you can count on faster case resolution, higher productivity, increased transparency, and more customer satisfaction.

      3. 1-Click Case Escalation on Your Brand Community

      Let your experts jump in when your community members struggle to solve a complex problem. The Lithium-Salesforce Case Connector allows users to escalate cases with a single click if they have not found a solution on your brand community. Then, the escalated case is forwarded to your support staff.

      The clients paying for support can create a case without consulting your community first.

      In case you have a knowledge base on Salesforce, you can install a related Lithium-Salesforce KB Connector that helps you leverage user-generated content to improve case deflection. You can write or modify articles to answer most frequent user queries and directly sync your knowledge base to your Lithium brand community. This connector increases case deflections.

      4. Increasing and Keeping CSAT Close to 100%

      Eliminate the bottlenecks preventing your teams from working effectively with your customers. Email to Case Advanced saves your support agents from the job of tracking and closing emails.

      The features of Email to Case Advanced include:

      • Transforming confusing email threads into easier-on-the-eye case comments,
      • Allowing you to link multiple attachments simultaneously, and
      • Managing case forwards.

      You can also handle emails from non-customers. Email to Case Advanced can add non-customers contacting you into your leads’ or contacts’ list, block them altogether, or create a new case and close it.

      After implementation, you can count on delivering great customer experiences all the time.

      5. Delivering Products 2X Faster than Your Competition

      Encourage, listen, prioritize, and monetize the ideas of your customers.

      Ideas Pro tells you how many accounts want a new feature implemented by linking the idea object with the account object. Other customers can upvote it to move it up a product manager’s consideration ladder; thus helping you build products that customers love.

      Based on this data, you can prioritize requests, align your product roadmap with your customers’ preferences, and stay ahead of your competitors.

      Be sure to stop by booth 13 of Grazitti Interactive and explore how our services solutions can speed up your LEAR-compliance journey.


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