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      Personalization is the Key to Increasing User Engagement and Conversion Rate

      Dec 14, 2018

      2 minute read

      74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.

      With the proliferation of the internet, there is an immense focus on increasing human interaction on digital spaces. To bridge the gap between customers and businesses and to improve interaction, content marketing plays a crucial role.

      When you inject personalization into your content marketing strategy, you can identify the needs of different customers and customize your content for each visitor.


      96% of digital marketers praised the ability of personalization to advance customer relationships.

      What is personalized marketing?

      Personalized marketing refers to targeted marketing, which comprises personalized messaging that a customer is looking for.

      How to achieve this?

      Analyze customer data using digital technology and personalize your marketing tactics accordingly.

      How it works?

      For successful personalized marketing, businesses need to fetch maximum prospect/ customer information.

      Leverage this data to customize the content according to your prospect’s industry or job title, and extend relevant recommendations as well.

      How does personalized marketing benefit you?

      Personalized marketing allows you to deliver targeted messaging, which helps:

      • Increase engagement
      • Boost conversions
      • Build customer relationships

      88% of U.S. marketers reported seeing measurable improvements due to personalization — with more than half reporting a lift greater than 10%.

      79% of consumers say they are only likely to engage with an offer from a brand if it has been personalized to reflect previous interactions the consumer has had with the brand.

      How to personalize your content marketing strategy?

      • Initiate email communication as a human
      • Verify and use the name of the person
      • Use a marketing automation tool to communicate with users
      • Customize content according to a user’s requirement
      • Segment email database based on personas
      • Create targeted landing pages

      How to rev up your content personalization game?

      Having developed a custom WordPress Marketo Integration Connector and helped various customers increase conversions and revenue through it, Grazitti has got your back. Leveraging Marketo’s lead data in your landing pages is easier than ever with this quickly configurable connector. With real-time content personalization feature, it helps drive your ABM strategy as well.

      • Automate your processes and send personalized, targeted messages to users at the right time.
      • Create content based on user’s industry or job title to encourage them to engage more with your website.
      • Improve their experience with your brand with form pre-fill feature, which saves their time.
      • Segment email database based on personas or your specific business requirement.

      Achieve all this with one custom plugin—Grazitti’s WordPress Marketo Integration Connector .


      Reaching out to masses is easier, but it isn’t effective enough. To create a strong relationship with your customer, personalization is the key. Few, but valuable customers is what counts in the long run. Direct conversation with the customer helps keep them engaged and builds a staunch customer bond.

      Personalized Marketing is Not a Tough Nut to Crack. Get the WP-Marketo Integration Connector NOW!

      Delivering highly targeted content to users is a piece of cake with Grazitti’s WordPress Marketo Integration Connector. Why? Because it allows you to capture lead data and leverage it on your WP landing pages in real-time. With this connector, you reach your marketing goals such as increasing engagement and driving conversions at a faster pace. Got queries? Write to us at [email protected].

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