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      Reporting Modules in Marketo: All You Need to Know

      Jan 16, 2024

      4 minute read

      Effective reporting is essential to marketing success. It’s the compass that guides informed decisions, offering a panoramic view of your efforts and their impact.

      And when you use Marketo to streamline your marketing operations, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of the reporting modules that the platform offers.

      In this blog post, we look at the importance of reporting in driving marketing success, as well as the types of reporting modules in Marketo.

      So, let’s begin!

      Why Reporting is Essential to Marketing Success

      Too often, reporting is carried out as a post-campaign activity, when it should be an ongoing part of marketing.

      The risk involved in post-campaign reporting is the eventual inability to answer questions about the outcome of marketing efforts.

      Regular marketing reporting will enable you to access and present data that shows how close you are to achieving marketing goals.

      On the basis of this data, you’ll be able to make required modifications to marketing campaigns to ensure that you meet these goals.

      According to a Statista survey, 41% of marketers[i] stated that data-driven marketing was most useful in personalization while 48% stated its effectiveness for customer journey mapping.

      Types of Reporting Modules in Marketo

      Email Performance Report

      Questions This Report Will Help You Answer:

      • How many people received my email?
      • How many people opened and engaged with my email?
      • How many people unsubscribed?
      Reporting Modules in Marketo

      This basic report enables you to look at these metrics for one email or as many as you want to compare. All you need to do is select which email(s) you want to include from the tree.

      There are two ways you can get to the email performance report:

      • Directly in the analytics section (Look at overall email performance in the last week, month, or quarter in the entire database)
      • Locally within a program in marketing activities

      To automatically select emails, create the email performance report locally within the program.

      To add emails from another program, manually select them from the tree in the setup tab in the report.

      Person Performance Report

      Questions This Report Will Help You Answer:

      • Where do new leads come from?
      • What is the top source for new leads?
      • Is this consistent quarter over quarter?

      The person performance report enables you to group people. You can group them by a number of characteristics, such as person source.

      In order to create this report, you’ll need to go to the analytics section and click on the people performance tile.

      You can modify the time frame and characteristics you want to group the people by, under Set Up.

      Reporting Modules in Marketo

      Program Performance Report

      Questions Answered By This Report:

      • How did my program perform?
      • How many new names did this program acquire?
      • What number of people achieved a certain status in a program?

      You can find program summary information in the program performance report in the analytics section.

      In addition to this, you can aggregate this data across a number of programs in order to compare data.

      The program performance report enables you to look at total members, new names, and successes across multiple programs:

      • New names depend on the acquisition program field
      • Number of successes depends on the number of people in a specific progression status

      This report requires that you have your channels and progression statuses well-defined.

      Set the right people as members in the relevant program and consistently set statuses on every program.

      You can also get this data with the different report types and pivot table capabilities of the Advance Report Builder.

      Reporting Modules in Marketo

      Program Opportunity Analysis Report (in Advance Report Builder)

      Question Answered By This Report:

      • How much pipeline did a particular program influence?

      The Program Opportunity Analysis Report links channels and programs to Dollars, pipeline, and revenue.

      It will help you understand how a specific program or overall channel performed when measured in monetary terms.

      How do I know if I have Advance Report Builder?

      Look for the Revenue Explorer Tile.

      Opportunity Analysis Report

      Question Answered By This Report:

      • Which marketing activities influenced a deal?

      This report is used in two scenarios. The first one is after a deal is closed and you want to understand what marketing engagement and activity contributed to the deal.

      The other scenario is when this type of reporting is used to show sales who else from a particular account is engaged with marketing activity that they may not know about.

      The benefit of this report is that the person doesn’t have to be placed on the opportunity in order to see their information.

      Reporting Modules in Marketo

      Smart List Subscription

      The purpose of this report is to have a smart list emailed to you on a regular basis.

      When you’re hosting an event, you’ll want to track who registered. So, you can set up a subscription report to get that data (sent to your email) and save time.

      Reporting Modules in Marketo

      Wrapping Up

      Effective reporting stands as the bedrock of successful marketing strategies.

      Marketo’s diverse reporting modules offer a comprehensive view of campaign performance, audience engagement, and the bottom-line impact on revenue.

      They empower marketers to make informed decisions, enhance personalization, and drive meaningful connections.

      Leveraging them effectively not only refines current strategies but also sets the stage for future campaign success.

      Supercharge Marketing Campaigns With the Power of Marketo Reporting

      At Grazitti, the Marketo team has been enabling companies to make the most of their marketing campaigns with effective reporting.

      Begin your journey, today!

      Should you want to know more, please write to us at [email protected] and our Marketo maestros will take it from there.


      [i] Statista

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