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      Revitalize Your 2024 Marketing Efforts With HubSpot

      Mar 06, 2024

      4 minute read

      The way businesses buy and sell is rapidly evolving.

      From the uncertainties of the economy to the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, various factors are continually shaping the customer journey, demanding constant adaptation from businesses.

      That’s where you need a marketing automation platform like HubSpot that prioritizes customers and equips businesses with essential tools to navigate this dynamic environment successfully.

      It not only facilitates improved communication with customers but also enhances collaboration within teams and optimizes data utilization. By integrating various tools and experiences, HubSpot provides a unified platform that streamlines data integration and team collaboration.

      In this blog post, we’ll explore several impactful features offered by HubSpot that can help you revolutionize your marketing strategies in 2024 and drive significant business results.

      Top 5 HubSpot Features to Leverage in 2024

      In 2023, HubSpot released over 200 updates for customer-centric teams across marketing, sales, and service.

      Additionally, at INBOUND 23, HubSpot introduced several powerful products and features, empowering customer-facing teams to boost productivity, leverage data for enhanced performance, and foster stronger customer connections.

      Now, let’s explore some more of HubSpot’s features and updates that can help you revitalize your marketing strategies in 2024 and beyond.

      HubSpot features

      1. Supercharge Your Marketing, Sales, and Service Teams With HubSpot AI Assistants

      HubSpot AI Assistants operate throughout the entire HubSpot platform to support teams in composing content, crafting images, generating blog ideas, building websites, and formulating reports quickly.

      AI assistants can be used to generate or refine pages, blog posts, knowledge base articles, call-to-actions (CTAs), and marketing or sales emails.

      By using artificial intelligence, you can produce ideas, outlines, or paragraphs on a particular subject and generate variations of existing text. AI assistants can also be used to create social media posts.

      Here are a few more AI features offered by HubSpot:

      • AI Agents: This AI-enhanced tool empowers you to automate, respond to, and enhance your customer service through live chat and email. HubSpot will unveil initial AI Agents in early 2024.
      • AI Insights: With this predictive AI feature, you can unlock enhanced analysis and recommendations, such as AI-powered forecasting.

      2. Elevate Your Business Conversations With ChatSpot

      Currently in public beta, ChatSpot merges the capabilities of ChatGPT with numerous distinct data sources such as a Smart CRM belonging to a HubSpot customer.

      Unveiled in March 2023, ChatSpot is available for free use and does not require a HubSpot account.

      This conversational AI tool is tailored to support the sales and marketing objectives of your business. Fueled by OpenAI’s database, ChatGPT, and Dall-E, ChatSpot can help in content generation and SEO analysis for your website. If you’ve linked a HubSpot account, you can generate reports and execute actions based on your CRM data.

      Furthermore, with ChatSpot, you can:

      • Create email subject lines, blog post titles, LinkedIn articles, buyer personas, and initial drafts for blog posts or sales emails.
      • Generate images for your website and social media, adhering to specified criteria.
      • Retrieve information regarding a company’s age, size, industry, location, technology services, website domain, SEO rankings, competitors, and recent news.
      • Analyze your website’s SEM and SEO competitors or request insights for keyword research and recommendations.

      3. Amplify Your Sales Game With Advanced Lead Management & Reporting

      Prospective representatives now have enhanced tools to efficiently manage, monitor, and prioritize leads. This results in more comprehensive data and unparalleled visibility for both sales and marketing teams. The increased clarity allows sales leaders and their marketing counterparts to unlock new insights into lead pipelines and the effectiveness of prospecting efforts.

      Lead reports, such as those detailing lead sources reports and contact rate reports (currently available in public beta), provide marketers with insights into the impact of their leads. Additionally, these reports offer sales teams a clear view of how their representatives are engaging with high-value leads.

      Prospecting activities reports provide sales leaders with an all-encompassing perspective on the effectiveness of outreach by reps, including conversion rates and activity metrics.

      4. Deliver Timely & Relevant Messages With HubSpot SMS

      HubSpot’s SMS offers a convenient, immediate, and personalized means of interacting with customers, building more robust connections, and enhancing the effectiveness of campaigns — all through a unified platform.

      Using HubSpot SMS, you can book meetings, disseminate event updates, or execute time-sensitive promotions. It facilitates timely and direct connections that yield positive business outcomes.

      Furthermore, with HubSpot SMS, you can:

      • Establish a direct channel for engaging customers and create targeted communications seamlessly integrated into your customer journey.
      • Engage in real-time conversations and provide time-sensitive promotions through personalized tokens, contact integration, and workflows.
      • Automate highly personalized messaging, delivering timely offers, event invitations, and appointment reminders to enhance loyalty, engagement, and conversions.

      Presently, mobile messaging is accessible to US customers within the US and Canada, as well as globally through HubSpot’s WhatsApp integration.

      5. Create a Personalized CRM Experience With HubSpot’s Smart CRM

      You can now configure and extend data with enhanced flexibility using HubSpot’s Smart CRM, enabling seamless adaptation to individual needs and processes.

      Customizing the CRM enables your teams to personalize their experience by accessing only the essential data relevant to their roles. This not only removes distractions but also enhances efficiency, allowing them to concentrate on their customers.

      Additionally, you have the ability to:

      • Effortlessly adjust HubSpot’s default spaces to align with your team’s requirements, configuring deal pipelines, board views, index pages, records view, and more.
      • Create brand-new UI elements that show customized information using HubSpot-built components.
      • Utilize custom objects, properties, and associations to organize specific data models within HubSpot’s Smart CRM. This customization guarantees transparency and scalability for your expanding team.


      HubSpot’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in every update, providing businesses with cutting-edge solutions to drive growth, elevate customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the curve.

      In 2024, HubSpot promises advancements in artificial intelligence, revolutionizing how businesses engage with their audience. Its expanded integrations will offer a seamless and comprehensive solution for diverse business needs.

      Additionally, the emphasis on improved customer support underscores HubSpot’s dedication to ensuring that users not only have powerful tools at their disposal but also the necessary support to maximize their potential.

      In essence, HubSpot can be a strategic partner for businesses aiming to stay ahead in the digital era.

      Ready to Leverage HubSpot’s AI-Powered Features? Talk to Us!

      If you’re looking to unify your marketing and sales data for a better and improved customer experience with HubSpot, just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!

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