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      Salesforce BYOM: Bridging the Gap Between AI and Business Needs

      Jan 12, 2024

      4 minute read

      The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving and businesses are eager to utilize it to improve their operations.

      Around 35% of companies across the globe are using AI and 43% of companies are exploring its potential[i].

      However, many businesses face challenges in adopting AI because of higher cost of development and the lack of in-house expertise.

      Enter Salesforce BYOM (Bring Your Own Model).

      It is designed to make it easier for businesses to integrate their own custom AI models into the Salesforce platform. With BYOM, you can use your data and algorithms to create AI models that are tailored to specific needs.

      Salesforce BYOM relies on Salesforce Einstein Studio as the key component that enables businesses to bring their own custom AI models into the Salesforce ecosystem.

      In this blog post, we will learn what BYOM means and explore how Einstein Studio can be used to create custom AI models that are tailored to specific business needs and improve business operations.

      What is Salesforce BYOM?

      What is Salesforce BYOM

      BYOM stands for “Bring Your Own Model”. Salesforce BYOM is a new feature introduced by Salesforce that allows businesses to integrate their custom AI models into the Salesforce ecosystem. This can be useful for businesses that have already developed AI models that they want to use to power their Salesforce applications.

      To use Salesforce BYOM, customers first need to create a Data Model Object (DMO) in Salesforce. The DMO is a container for the AI model and its data. Once the DMO is created, the AI model can be imported into Salesforce.

      Post importing the AI model, you can use it in Salesforce Einstein Studio which is a visual development environment that makes it easy to create and deploy AI applications.

      Salesforce Einstein Studio: A Platform for Custom AI Models

      Einstein Studio represents a tangible realization of the “Bring Your Own Model” (BYOM) concept. It provides an intuitive interface for creating, training, and deploying custom AI models without requiring extensive technical expertise.

      Einstein Studio operates as a collaborative hub, enabling cross-functional teams to collaborate seamlessly in the development of AI models. It facilitates the integration of AI into business processes by allowing domain experts, data scientists, and developers to collectively contribute their expertise.

      Einstein Studio also supports the convergence of existing AI solutions with custom models. This means that in addition to new AI models, it enables the incorporation of established AI services that businesses might already be using. This integration enriches the depth of AI capabilities within the organization, optimizing processes and decision-making.

      How Salesforce BYOM is Making AI Accessible for All Businesses?

      Salesforce BYOM helps businesses bring their business goals and requirements to the table when developing and deploying AI solutions. Here’s how it helps businesses effectively utilize AI:

      • Democratizing AI Development: BYOM makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to adopt AI, regardless of their technical expertise. This is because BYOM allows businesses to use their own data and algorithms to create AI models, which can be done without complex coding or machine learning skills.
      • Improving Operational Efficiency: BYOM can help businesses reduce the cost and complexity of AI development. BYOM allows businesses to use their own data and algorithms, which can save them the time and expenses of having to develop these from scratch.
      • Accelerating Time to Market: BYOM can help businesses get their AI models up and running more quickly. BYOM provides a platform for businesses to easily build, deploy, and manage AI models.
      • Enhancing Decision-Making: BYOM can help businesses make better decisions by providing them with insights from their data. It’s because AI models can be used to analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns that would be difficult to spot manually.
      • Personalizing Customer Experiences: BYOM can help businesses personalize customer experiences by providing them with tailored recommendations and services. It’s because AI models can be used to understand customer preferences and behaviors.

      Use Cases of Salesforce BYOM

      Adding your own AI model in the Salesforce ecosystem opens various opportunities for your business to enhance customer experience and optimize operations. Below are some potential use cases across industries where BYOM can be applied to drive innovation.


      In the retail sector, you can leverage Einstein Studio to develop a custom AI model that assesses a customer’s inclination to purchase particular clothing items. This assessment is based on various engagement data such as their historical purchase behavior or online interactions. Subsequently, the Einstein Studio can be employed to deploy the AI model and offer extremely personalized product recommendations to customers through the most suitable communication channels, be it email, a mobile app, or social media.


      For travel agencies, integrating CRM data like customer booking history and travel preferences with non-CRM data can be a differentiator. With this data fusion, you can implement custom Predictive AI models to forecast which travel destinations are most appealing to customers. In similar development, you can implement custom Generative AI models to generate personalized email recommendations tailored to each customer’s unique preferences and travel history.

      Automotive :

      Predictive AI focuses on using AI algorithms to make predictions about future events based on historical data and patterns. Within the automotive industry, a brand can harness the power of tailored Predictive AI models to ascertain when a vehicle is likely to require maintenance and to identify potentially fraudulent insurance claims. Additionally, Generative AI can be employed to create highly individualized marketing campaigns for customers, all based on their specific needs and preferences.

      The Way Forward

      Salesforce’s BYOM approach transforms AI integration, enabling businesses to seamlessly embed their custom AI models into external platforms, alleviating development complexities, and bolstering operational efficiency. Einstein Studio, a user-friendly tool, simplifies the creation, refinement, and deployment of tailored AI models, bridging the gap between technical and non-technical users.

      Moving forward, businesses are advised to start with focused AI endeavors, partner with Salesforce for comprehensive AI solutions, and step into an advanced phase of tech transformation.

      Use Your Own AI Models to Power Your Salesforce Applications. Talk to Us!

      Our team of Salesforce and AI experts can help you integrate your own AI models for better productivity, decision-making, and overall efficiency. Simply drop us an email at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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      [i] IBM

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