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      Salesforce IoT Cloud – the wait is over

      Nov 27, 2015

      2 minute read

      According to a survey conducted by Gartner, it has been determined that many organizations face a lot of troubles when it comes to managing big data.

      With the aim to manage big data with ease, Salesforce has come up with a new platform called “The Internet of Things” (IoT) Cloud, which will be ready to take off in the first half of 2016.

      What exactly Salesforce IoT Cloud is?

      “Salesforce is turning the Internet of Things into the Internet of Customers,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and chief executive officer, Salesforce.

      Salesforce announced ‘The Internet of Things’ (IoT) Cloud on the first day of Dreamforce ’15. The purpose behind the launch of the new IoT Cloud is to store and analyze real-time data and then integrate it with the company’s core CRM product.

      Salesforce IOT Cloud

      By implementing Salesforce IOT Cloud you will be able to:

      • Accelerate your productivity with managed data
      • Get more leads
      • Find new customers with ease
      • Grow your accounts faster
      • Close deals more rapidly – from anywhere
      • Make insightful decisions

      IoT is all about transforming businesses – in particular, the relationship between organizations and their customers. Furthermore, it helps you create a new channel of communication, build business rules with simple, spontaneous tools, and engross proactively with customers in real time across the social, mobile and cloud.

      What makes IoT Cloud the most engrossing topic of discussion these days?

      • Triggers Personalized Actions: Salesforce IoT Cloud not only helps you identify relevant data from event streams but also lets you use that information to trigger personalized actions for sales, service, marketing or any other business operations in real time
      • Powered by Thunder: This platform is powered by a highly scalable real-time event processing system called Thunder, where customers can easily update their profiles and make recommendations
      • Connects Data to Salesforce: Using IoT Cloud, you can connect all your data from the IoT to the rest of Salesforce for better insights and real-time customer actions
      • Improves Customer Experience: It helps you engage customers proactively and trigger all their notifications and texts via devices, moreover improving the overall customer experience

      Salesforce Thunder – The mastermind behind the operation

      Salesforce Thunder – the newest addition to the vast Salesforce Platform is amongst the most accessible event processing engines designed to ingest and organize billions of events from the connected world in real time.

      Thunder uses ingenious technology to disclose perceptions that are imperceptible and allow anyone to take personalized actions from any device. Besides, it allows Salesforce users to personalize the way how products and services are sold, commercialized, and managed.

      Using Thunder, Salesforce’s new IoT Cloud aims to connect customers with real-time data from devices, sensors, applications, social interactions and blogs.

      Want to make the most of Salesforce IoT Cloud?

      At Grazitti, our Salesforce experts provide extensive support that spans across Sales, Service, Community, Marketing, Analytics and other custom integrations & development. Our certified developers, agile processes, and quality commitment have helped companies like Marketo, Alteryx, Glassdoor, Ping Identity, Centrify, Ooyala and more, maximize their Salesforce investment.
      To discuss your Salesforce needs, just drop us a line at [email protected]

      Disclaimer: Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Thunder, Salesforce IoT Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc. are all trademarks of Inc.

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