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      Service Cloud Voice vs. CTI Adapter: Making the Right Telephony Choice

      Oct 13, 2023

      3 minute read

      The need for an efficient telephone system transcends mere communication; it’s a cornerstone of successful business operations. As companies expand their reach, both globally and digitally, the telephone remains a vital tool for connecting with clients, partners, and stakeholders. That’s when choosing the right telephone system becomes critical.

      In this space, two formidable solutions rise to the forefront: Salesforce Cloud Voice and the CTI Adapter. The fate of your contact center’s success hinges upon the pivotal choice between these two options.

      While both are exceptional in their own right, this blog post is dedicated to guiding you through the decision-making process, helping you determine the ideal telephony system for your needs — whether it be Salesforce Service Cloud Voice or Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) adapter.

      Let’s start by understanding the basics.

      What is Service Cloud Voice?

      Service Cloud Voice, powered by Amazon Connect, offers an accelerated and intelligent approach to resolving phone cases. As the exclusive telephony solution integrated within the Salesforce platform, Service Cloud Voice seamlessly combines voice conversations, digital channels, and CRM data in real-time. This integration brings forth significant advantages for both agents and customers. Customers experience a seamless transition between channels and quicker resolution times, while agents receive calls aligned with their skillset and availability.

      What is a CTI Adapter?

      A CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) adapter is a specialized software solution that establishes bi-directional communication between computers and telephones. Positioned between the computer and telephone, this software acts as an intermediary, enabling seamless interaction. In the past, CTI adapters were typically installed directly on individual computers to facilitate this integration. However, a recent shift has moved towards deploying CTI adapters onto servers, such as cloud-based servers. This transition has mitigated many of the compatibility issues inherent in traditional setups, involving operating systems and browsers. As a result, the process of installing CTI adapters has become notably more streamlined. Now, a CTI adapter only needs to be installed once on a server, benefiting all agents, instead of requiring installation on each individual agent’s computer.

      Limitations Associated With a CTI Adapter

      Certainly, Traditional CTI Adapters accomplish their tasks, but they are accompanied by substantial limitations and obstacles to productivity. These limitations necessitate substantial customization, ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and ongoing management for businesses. Although they mitigate the need for agent toggling, they fall short of delivering a fully blended agent experience or the exceptional customer service provided by Service Cloud Voice.

      Features: Service Cloud Voice vs. CTI Adapter

      Service Cloud Voice:

      • Central hub integrating voice and digital channels.
      • Multichannel capabilities for diverse customer interactions.
      • AI-powered insights for personalized service.
      • Automation streamlines tasks and processes.
      • Real-time transcription and sentiment analysis.

      CTI Adapter:

      • Integrates phone systems with CRM platforms.
      • Call pop-ups to provide instant customer context.
      • Click-to-dial functionality for seamless outbound calling.
      • Syncs caller data with CRM records.
      • Enhanced call routing for optimal agent allocation.

      Who Trumps Who? Service Cloud Voice vs. CTI Adapter

       Service Cloud Voice vs. CTI Adapter

      The Bottom Line

      It is no secret that integrating telephony is imperative for delivering a comprehensive service experience. The gap between call center management and the broader service experience incurs costs such as slower resolution times, diminished convenience, and reduced customer satisfaction. However, the rationale behind investing in a CTI Adapter becomes questionable when presented with the opportunity to invest in a scalable solution like Service Cloud Voice Choosing the right telephony system is paramount to efficient customer service. Service Cloud Voice offers seamless integration, AI-driven insights, and multichannel capabilities. On the other hand, while CTI Adapters fulfill their purpose, their limitations necessitate customization and maintenance. The decision ultimately rests on your organization’s goals, budget, team’s expertise & skill, and business requirements.

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