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      Sitecore 10: All You Need to Know

      Feb 13, 2022

      3 minute read

      Sitecore is a leading content management system with a complete suite of marketing solutions.

      Built on ASP.NET, Sitecore released its latest update and this included a host of new features and improvements to both web developers and marketers.

      In this blog post, we will discuss the new features and improvements introduced with Sitecore 10 release. These features make the development process faster and offer enhanced analytics for better insights.

      Let’s dive in!


      Some of the Sitecore 10 features that have made the lives of web developers and marketers easier are:

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      • Sitecore Container

      Sitecore version 10 has packaged its software in containers and has also introduced the Sitecore docker container repository. It enables efficient and easier code deployment as the packaging of applications and dependencies makes it easier to move them between environments.

      Some of the benefits of Sitecore docker are:

      • It allows flexible deployment and Kubernetes for production
      • Quick and easy onboarding process for new team members
      • Efficient and fast conflict resolving on local setups
      • Enables working on multiple projects simultaneously
      • Headless Experience with Core

      Sitecore Identity Server, or Sitecore Commerce was already based on the open-source framework ASP.NET Core. However, most of the components depended on the .NET Framework.

      In Sitecore 10, however, the CMS company it has developed a JSS-based SDK which has extended the usage of ASP.NET Core.

      Some of the benefits of this feature are that it –

      • Allows integration of the Sitecore solution with the latest .NET core technologies
      • Enables increased productivity, flexibility, and building fast solution
      • Helps in achieving low cost and high speed with multiple instances
      • Content Hub Integration

      Another great feature of Sitecore 10 is that it has released version 3.4 of Sitecore Content Hub. This means that you can now integrate editing experience with Content Hub.

      Some of the benefits of Content Hub Integration are:

      • It enables the marketing team to compound their media content from Content Marketing Platform (CMP) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) into a single centralized source. It results in easier content management.
      • Its new robust, streamlined, and scalable capabilities that will help facilitate brands’ digital transformations.
      • The improved workflows and ease of use with an extended integration to third-party solutions
      • Horizon

      Horizon is an interface for content creation and editing which was released in version 9.3 but with limited functionality. The launch of Sitecore version 10 has introduced an extended version of Horizon which will enable users to edit metadata within the Horizon editing experience.

      Some of the benefits of Horizon are that it:

      • Allows content management without the presentation layer
      • Supports a multi-site and multilingual environment
      • Enables users to create specific images and edit content in all fields on the website.
      • Sitecore Command Line Interface (CLI) for Serialization

      Another prominent feature in Sitecore 10 is Command Line Interface (CLI). It provides new capabilities in terms of interacting with Sitecore instances. It brings together the best features of its antecedent – TDS and Unicorn which offers a headless approach for serialization.

      Some of the benefits of CLI for serialization are –

      • CLI and Sitecore for visual studio that will reduce the scope of human errors
      • It enables login, publish, and serialization via the command line
      • It covers all aspects of content creation and management with its extended functionality

      Key Takeaway

      With remarkable features offered by Sitecore 10, it is popular amongst the entire Sitecore community. Whether you are using Sitecore’s previous versions or not using Sitecore at all, its 10th version has something for everyone.

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