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      6 Steps to Make Your Next Email Campaign the Most Successful One

      May 09, 2018

      4 minute read

      In our previous blog post, we discussed the importance of the email in B2B marketing. We also discussed a few tips to attain email marketing success this year.

      Often, questions are raised on a marketer’s capability when a campaign generates below-par response. If it has happened with you, then you might wonder where things went wrong.

      An email can either strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customers/prospects or completely ruin it. A little precaution is a good thing.

      If even after several introspections, you are unable to get to the root cause of the failure of your previous campaigns, it is high time to evaluate your tactics. Here are a few steps to help you:

      6 Steps to Make Your Next Email Campaign the Most Successful One

      1. Understand Your Customers and Their Needs

      Start by developing the customer persona. Customer behavior fluctuates. It is essential to revisit the persona and update it on regular basis. If you know your customers, then you can personalize your emails. Personalization can lead to greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.

      Before drafting an email boasting about your services or products, rigorously research your customers. Identify the person to whom you are reaching out. Are they a gatekeeper, influencer, decision maker, actual user or buyer?

      2. Most Critical: Get Your Lists Right

      Prefer quality over quantity. A right list is the backbone of a successful campaign. That’s why building a targeted email list should be your top priority. If your lists are not in order, then even a great email campaign with exceptional design, engaging copies, and unique value propositions can fall short.

      Following should be your top priorities for building a quality list:

      • Quality implies real information from real people.
      • Relevance implies those people who genuinely are interested in your brand and industry.
      • Volume comes into focus if quality and relevance are in place

      Identify the right channel to create your list or you can buy one from various companies who possess a large database. All you need to ascertain is if they have a list of your target audience.

      You can take a sample and analyze the delivery rate. If it performs according to your expectations, acquire the database. If you are targeting a niche audience and the database provider doesn’t have your target audience, then you will have to create it. There are various companies who can help you with that.

      3. Value Is Intrinsic: Understand Where You Can Add Value

      Once you know your customers well enough, you will know with a high degree of accuracy what they want and how you can add value to their business.

      To do that, identify their pain points and research how they can be resolved and what the ideal solution can be.

      Analyze if your product or service helps them grow their business. Learn about their vision. Those values should be reflected in your invite email.

      4. For Each Right Action, There is an Equal Right Opportunity: Ask for the Right Thing or Action

      CTAs are vital to the success of your marketing because they provide a clear, straightforward direction to your readers. But there are several elements of a CTA and you should not write CTAs that might give the impression of unethical marketing.

      For instance, directly asking your customers to agree to a product demo or receive a call straight away, has very few chances of success; especially if you are new to the market. However, it may work for established brands.

      If you are just starting up, then the priority should be to create awareness and trust first. Build collateral that conveys your value proposition. Once people start trusting you, ask them to book a demo, schedule a call or go for a trial.

      5. Identifying the Right Timing Is Altogether Most Important

      Your entire effort can be in vain if your timing happens to be wrong; no matter how great content you have in your email or how important it was for your customers. Just because you got the timing wrong, your effort can amount to nothing. Especially if you are targeting super busy people like C-level executives and top management personnel.

      So, getting the timing right is important. Else your campaign will miss out on many valuable opportunities. 

      6. Building trust takes time. So, email marketing is not and will never be a one-time effort.

      You cannot expect to go to gym for the very first day and expect a ribbed body right away. Email marketing is the best way for lead nurturing in a B2B context.

      Lead nurturing is an ongoing process and so are the email campaigns. Email campaigning can never be a one-time effort. You need to earn your customers’ trust and no one is going to trust your brand in the span of a single campaign. Trust building takes time.

      Need help strategizing and implementing an email marketing plan for maximum impact? We are here to help, all you have to do is just drop us a line at

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