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      Supercharge Your B2B eCommerce Store With Shopify

      Nov 29, 2022

      4 minute read

      According to a DHL study[i], 80% of B2B sales are estimated to go digital by 2025.

      For B2B commerce businesses, this means more competition, higher customer expectations, and extended online operations.

      And to deliver well on all these levels, you need powerful eCommerce solutions.

      Enter – B2B on Shopify.

      B2B on Shopify is a suite of first-party features that helps you sell business-to-business online without depending on third-party applications to implement key business complexities.

      In this blog post, we’ll discuss the implications of B2B on Shopify and some of its main features that help supercharge your B2B commerce business.

      What is B2B on Shopify?

      B2B on Shopify provides merchants the flexibility to serve both sides of their business – DTC (direct to customer) and wholesale from a single online store. You also have the option to keep your business-to-business operations separate with a dedicated B2B store.

      Whether you choose an integrated or dedicated B2B store, your buyers will be able to access all the customer-centric features, including price lists, payment terms, and tax exemptions to shop from you quickly. And you will be able to manage the associated operations easily without any complex workarounds or coding.

      Top Features of Shopify for B2B eCommerce

      To streamline B2B operations, Shopify introduced multiple new updates and features that help merchants connect with their customers better. Some of these features are as follows:

      B2B on Shopify

      Company Profiles

      Company profiles let store owners deliver unique experiences to their B2B buyers. You can offer each customer distinct payment terms, contact permissions, price lists, and tax exemptions. For your more complex buyers, you can create a centralized company profile with different permission levels for each buyer and location.

      B2B on Shopify

      Customer Accounts

      With customer accounts, you can authenticate your wholesale buyers. This will give them access to all your wholesale products and prices to choose from. They can also manage their account, edit information, and select the company location they are buying for.

      B2B on Shopify

      Admin Panels

      To help store owners organize better, Shopify has introduced several enhancements. The sign-up process now comes with tailored guidance for the quick setup of the store. Additional permissions can now be assigned to staff members to facilitate the delegation of tasks. A bulk editor tool is added to help store owners edit and manage more than 50 records at once.

      B2B on Shopify

      Price Lists

      With B2B on Shopify, you can easily set custom wholesale pricing, including fixed and percentage-off price lists for all your products. You can also assign price lists to specific companies and locations and modify currency to sell to multiple countries – all from a single store. This helps extend your business reach and go truly global.

      B2B on Shopify

      Payment Terms

      Shopify enables you to assign flexible payment terms to your customers that are visible on checkout. The payment terms can be assigned automatically to (draft) orders in the admin panel. Once assigned, you can track, sort, and collect payments. Moreover, the customers will be able to keep track of their upcoming payments in their accounts.

      B2B on Shopify

      Easy Customizations

      B2B on Shopify integrates key wholesale features into Shopify core to help you personalize your B2B store. Some of its customization features are as follows:

      • Store Themes
      • Apps Ecosystem
      • Discounts
      • Functions
      • API Access

      Customer Insights

      Shopify has added new B2B-specific filters to their analytics to provide merchants with a clear view of their business. The filters are available under the sections – Sales, Orders, Profit Margin, Finance, and Customers. Using these filters, you can create and save custom reports for both sides (direct and wholesale) of your business to better measure KPIs and make data-driven decisions.

      B2B on Shopify

      Industries Using Shopify B2B eCommerce Platform

      B2B on Shopify is used by a plethora of industries and big brands for their eCommerce needs. The list includes names like:

      Fashion and Apparel – Allbirds, Dressbarn
      Beauty and Cosmetics – Unilever, Morphe
      Food and Beverages – Nestle, Budweiser
      Consumer Electronics – Nanoleaf, GE
      Home Furnishing – Lesa, Magnolia

      Wrapping Up

      Shopify’s enhancements in B2B have made it an excellent eCommerce option for businesses. Its support for complex workflows and new offerings for a hybrid platform is a true game changer for merchants looking to expand their business.

      Interested in Learning More About B2B on Shopify? Book a Free Consultation!

      Our eCommerce experts have provided many big brands with excellent Shopify solutions over the years to grow their business, and we would be happy to help you as well. To learn more, just drop a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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