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      Shopify and Shopify Plus: A Comparative Analysis

      Oct 22, 2019

      3 minute read

      Shopify is a comprehensively-built eCommerce platform that has helped merchants generate a combined total of USD 55 billion in sales.

      While Shopify is built for small to medium-sized enterprises, Shopify Plus caters to large businesses. In this blog post, we compare the features that Shopify and Shopify Plus provide.

      Shopify plans have been designed to cater to the eCommerce requirements of businesses according to their size and stage of growth. While Shopify consists of three different plans, namely ‘Basic Shopify’, ‘Shopify’, and ‘Advanced Shopify’, Shopify Plus caters to added functionalities, as well as entirely new ones.

      Apps and Integrations

      Unlike Shopify, Shopify Plus has professionally built, advanced apps. It also includes additional API calls, SDK’s, and exclusive deals on the App Store. What’s more, you can integrate your store with the accounting, CRM, and ERP software of your choice.

      Themes and Customization

      Shopify Plus gives you the ability to incorporate more themes into your account as compared to Shopify. The advanced version also enables you to:

      • Try out new themes
      • Keep seasonal versions of published themes
      • Test changes to copies of published themes

      Furthermore, it includes product pages, payment processing, and checkout pages that are customizable in nature. This is aimed at giving you greater control over store branding. Therefore, your specifications guide the storefront design.

      Staff Accounts

      With Shopify Plus, you can create an unlimited number of staff accounts. On the other hand, Shopify enables the creation of a specific number of accounts, depending on the sub-plan you have purchased:

      Shopify Plus Staff Accounts


      Shopify Plus also has sales features exclusive to it, which are as follows:

      • Shopify Flow – Track purchases
      • Script Editor – Control shipping, design scripts for line items
      • Expansion Stores – For internationalization and separate physical locations; nine stores available
      • Wholesale Channel – Create a stand-alone wholesale store
      • Exclusive Access – Beta Programs, Shopify Plus Partner Program, Shopify Plus Facebook Community
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      Customer Support

      While Shopify provides you with 24×7 customer service via phone and email, Shopify Plus personalizes the same with prioritized service. Therefore, a launch engineer, followed by a merchant success manager, are designated to help from the time of set-up.


      For Shopify, the price varies according to the sub-plan you decide to purchase:

      Shopify Plus Plan Prices

      To purchase Shopify Plus, simply contact Shopify for a quote. The fee generally starts at USD $2,000 per month. The quote depends on a number of factors such as your business model, sales volume, and marketing requirements.

      The following table compares the two Shopify plans based on a wide range of features:

      Shopify Plus the differences

      Our Verdict

      It is clear from the preceding analysis that Shopify Plus has several additional features as compared to Shopify, as well as enhanced functionalities from the ones built into the basic version. Shopify Plus, therefore, facilitates a highly customized eCommerce store, readying you to take on your competitors.

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