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      Supercharge Your eCommerce Store with Marketing Automation

      Oct 31, 2019

      2 minute read

      In a rapidly evolving eCommerce scene where customers expect highly personalized products and services, managing an online store without automating your marketing operations can be tricky.

      Marketing automation can spruce up your eCommerce marketing operations and empower you to deliver on your business targets.

      Supercharge Your eCommerce Store with Marketing Automation

      So How Exactly Does Marketing Automation Help My Business?

      Did you know that email marketing campaigns outrank Twitter and Facebook, generating 174% more conversions?

      As with any business strategy, marketing automation involves a series of interconnected steps to enable the plan to come to fruition.

      Demand Generation

      The implementation of marketing automation software aids with ‘demand acceleration’. This is carried out with the guidance of lead generation programs.

      Campaign Management

      Marketing automation also facilitates the planning, creation, implementation, analysis, and optimization of multi-channel marketing campaigns based on your overall eCommerce campaign strategy.

      Marketing Operations

      The proper planning, implementation, and streamlining of marketing activities is an important benefit of marketing automation. This is aimed at intensifying the contribution of marketing towards your eCommerce revenue.

      Customer Engagement

      One of the functions performed through marketing automation is the creation of aesthetically pleasing and responsive marketing assets. Secondly, you can formulate customer engagement strategies that help you deliver on your eCommerce targets. The process smoothens the delivery of a hassle-free customer experience as well as a rewarding community participation experience.

      Advanced Reporting

      Marketing automation also enables the generation of advanced reports from your marketing automation instance. This allows for a better evaluation of campaign performance.

      Custom Development & Integrations

      Tailor-made development and integrations guide this unique requirement. The integration of existing software facilitates multi-channel lead and revenue generation.

      Get the latest custom development & integration solutions for your eCommerce store.

      Instance Health Audit

      The audit helps with a health upgrade of your marketing automation instance. This process entails the analysis of the administrative setup, webpages, instance integration, as well as the CRM software.

      Marketing Automation Migration

      Automation also facilitates the seamless migration of all marketing automation data to a new platform. The data consists of campaigns, email templates, as well as landing pages. The process is carried out according to the unique requirements of your eCommerce store.

      Creative Assets

      A key benefit of marketing automation is the intensification of website speed and security, as well as that of the engagement generated through landing pages and emails.

      Marketing automation, therefore, not only empowers the automation and streamlining of your marketing process but gives you adequate time and resources to focus on all business functions.

      Looking for Best-In-Class Marketing Automation Services?

      With a team of 150+ marketing automation technology experts and 450+ clients such as Apttus, Optimizely, Marketo, Autodesk, and Canon served since 2008, Grazitti provides the latest marketing automation solutions. To know more, write to us at [email protected].

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