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      Marketing Automation

      The Boom of Marketing Automation Across Industries

      Sep 06, 2022

      5 minute read

      The marketing environment is continually changing as a result of rapid technological innovation.

      Today’s marketers can enhance their strategy and increase their profits with a number of techniques.

      Through the right channels, they can reach the right audiences at the right time.

      Automation has permeated every aspect of marketing, from delivering welcome emails to new subscribers, to interacting with website visitors via chatbots.

      Therefore, it is essential to keep up with the futuristic trends in marketing automation.

      In this blog post, we’ll discuss those trends and the booming industries of marketing automation.

      What Is Marketing Automation and Why Is It Important?

      The practice of automating repetitive processes for email marketing, ad campaigns, tracking, and many other activities is known as marketing automation. Brands may, for instance, design an automated lead generation funnel that collects an email address, provides a recorded demo, and then notifies the prospect that a live demo needs to be scheduled.

      Here are the main advantages of marketing automation:

      • Improved Efficiency: Marketing automation improves workflows by reducing cost and time.
      • Higher Conversion Rates: It improves conversion rate optimization by allowing you to track non-converting leads.
      • Streamlined Reporting: Marketing automation streamlines work and generates automatic reports.
      • Personalized Marketing Approach: The segmentation and reporting features of marketing automation software enable the creation of more personalized content.

      The Latest Trends in Marketing Automation

      The market for marketing automation software is anticipated to develop at an annual rate of 8.55% through 2022, reaching a value of $6.4 billion by 2024(i).

      Automation, especially AI-driven solutions, is evolving quickly. Whatever tools we employ today might become obsolete the following year, or they might develop and seize entire departments. Making the most of modern technology and using marketing automation tools appropriately requires conceptual knowledge.

      Latest Trends in Marketing Automation

      Without further ado, here are the top trends that will affect and rule the marketing automation sector in future:

      Data Collection Will Continue to Rule

      We would be able to create more complete client profiles with marketing automation tools by collecting variable data fields at various communication touchpoints. We will be able to discover more about people and businesses by using automated procedures to ask various customers questions.

      Predictive Modeling Will Become More Precise

      The value chain will be further shortened by automated delivery, resulting in speedier product delivery to clients. Marketers can examine what a customer has done and forecast what they will do in the future. Marketers will be able to better analyze large data to produce exceptionally focused and perfectly-timed user experiences because of the growing accuracy of self-learning algorithms.

      Brand “Reps” Will Develop Into Dependable Friends

      Artificial intelligence and virtual reality will combine to produce truly distinctive and immersive experiences for customers with brands in order to enhance the customer experience. “Automated delivery” will evolve into what appears to be a real-time discussion that is distinguished by brand data and avatar overlays in a virtual environment.

      Results Will Be Quicker and More Intelligent

      Every facet of marketing continues to be increasingly automated. We can continue to contact customers more regularly in more locations by using the data to determine how to be better marketers. Since robots are doing part of the labor for humans, perhaps we won’t need as many marketers.

      Automated Shipping Will Make Its Presence Known

      Earlier, your milkman used to bring your order to your door. Automated delivery will bring back those memories, but this time the “milkbot” will be making a daily stop. This will produce a highly competitive ecosystem similar to AdWords where brands will bid and compete for placement.

      Chatbots Will Be More Human-Like

      By 2024, the global market for chatbots would be worth over $1.3 billion(ii). It follows that the chatbot sector will inevitably take over as the primary driver of commercial communications. Sentiment and predictive analytics are used by the natural language processing (NLP) bots to interpret conversations and query intent.

      Predictive Model Will Play a Key Role

      Automation is made to assist in delivering customizable communications to customers at the right point in their buying cycle. With a predictive model, marketers can boost ROI while providing customers with hyper-individualized data and pertinent content, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

      Flourishing Industries in Marketing Automation

      Booming Industries in Marketing Automation

      It goes without saying that marketing automation has many advantages for businesses in a variety of sectors, from e-commerce to tech. Here are 4 B2B sectors with strong potential for generating ROI from marketing automation.

      Tech Companies

      In the upcoming year, a significant portion of businesses say they will use automation in account-based marketing, live chat, push notifications, and sales funnel communications. Increasing usage of automation in these areas will provide a competitive edge and make it possible to engage with customers in more profound ways.


      In the future, marketing automation will improve engagements and personalize patient communications with healthcare brands. Healthcare sector will be able to push consistency and timing in attempts to contact clients via emails and text messages. In addition to enhancing productivity and accessibility, it will aid in cost savings and may even have a greater favorable effect on people’s general quality of life.

      BFSI Industry

      The BFSI sector is likely to move quickly toward automating the majority of its procedures in the near future. This will facilitate the BFSI entities’ transition to mobility. Since the majority of people use mobile devices, they expect quick responses. Mobility and automation software integration will help BFSI companies better serve their clients and streamline business operations. This could entail performing many activities, such as crunching figures, serving current clients, and seeking out new customers.

      Gaming Industry

      Industry development is anticipated to be significantly influenced by automation. Systems that connect several technologies, such as ML, AI, etc., can evolve on their own and add automation without requiring human input.

      Additionally, it will improve customer experiences, securing and growing gaming companies’ user bases and supplying the necessary technologies for the development of new service offerings. With the use of new techniques, problems like data security, user protection, fraud prevention, and protracted billing cycles will also be solved.


      Marketing automation strategies that were once considered “can have” are now “must have.” Given that firms will scramble to give their users a more engaging, targeted, and customized experience going forward, marketing automation will play a crucial part in business.

      Want to Deliver Hyper-Personalized Experience to Users? Talk to Us!

      Whether you want to leverage the power of marketing automation to generate better leads or want to create a personalized marketing strategy for your audience, Grazitti’s marketing automation experts can help you with it. Simply drop us a line at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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