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      The Essential Ingredients for a Robust, Scalable Sales Strategy and Success

      May 07, 2020

      2 minute read

      Companies striving to grow or sustain their business always turn to their sales teams to amplify their revenue. So, irrespective of good days or bad days, sales has to be ready to perform beyond expectations and drive revenue.

      The changing sales landscape amid the technological revolution

      The fourth industrial revolution has changed the way sales works. Sales is now involved in every step of business processes in an organization. Also, the job of sales reps now goes beyond deal closures and includes ensuring customer success.

      Apart from that, the KPIs that are used to evaluate the performance of salespeople have also changed. Customer satisfaction and customer success are the top two KPIs to measure sales effectiveness. Thus, changing the traditional way of selling.

      As Mark Roberge, former CRO at HubSpot and a lecturer at Harvard Business School, explained – “Selling is no longer about interrupting, pitching, and closing. It’s about listening, diagnosing, and prescribing.”

      Sales Productivity Takes the Center Stage

      The changed landscape of business selling and evolved technology has also made way for salespeople to be more productive. Two factors that contribute to boosting productivity are improved efficiency and effectiveness.

      Efficiency is relatively simple to improve as it is often just a re-allocation of current salesperson effort. However, effectiveness is much more challenging because it requires improved salesperson capability.

      That’s why an agile, robust, and effective sales strategy becomes imperative for every sales team. But devising such a strategy is easier said than done.

      Essential Elements of an Effective, Agile Sales Strategy

      There is, however, no perfect guide out there for a sales strategy as every sales team has its own nuanced selling processes that may impact sales productivity.

      But there are elements that, if involved and executed, could contribute to a future-proof sales strategy.

      Our sales experts compiled a set of five such elements that involves:


      All these elements contribute largely to a highly effective sales strategy and every sales team is aware of it. Although the challenge lies in the execution part, not every sales organization is aware of the effective ways to implement these elements into their sales strategy.

      And then ever-evolving customer expectations make it even hard for sales teams to stay ahead of the curve. Also, adapting to new technologies and trends like virtual selling and social selling often becomes challenging.

      We’ve tried to make the job easier for you. Our sales experts have shared the best practices, which your sales team can leverage, in our webinar—Essential Ingredients to Improve Your Sales Strategy.

      Join Ravideep Singh and me for this 30-min webinar to know in detail how your sales team can successfully include these five elements in your sales strategy.

      Do you need expert assistance to boost your sales effectivity? Contact us

      Discuss your requirements with us. We have helped hundreds of brands globally to attain sales success using technology innovation. For more info, send an email to [email protected].

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