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      The New-Age Asset Back-Up Solution for Marketo: M-Hive

      Feb 07, 2023

      4 minute read

      Have you ever misplaced a file, a folder, a USB device, or any of your assets?

      If your answer is a resounding yes, you know what data loss feels like.

      Today’s businesses face a severe problem with asset loss, resulting in a variety of consequences on the company’s finances, sensitive assets, and brand reputation.

      Did you know that nearly 94% of businesses that suffer a significant asset loss do not survive(i)?

      Data loss can have a profound effect that causes many financial and non-financial damages to a business. This is because it can take months to find and contain a data breach.

      And, that’s why routinely backing up your assets is so crucial.

      In this blog post, let’s talk about the importance of the right backup solution, backing up data in marketing automation tools like Marketo, and how you can back up your Marketo assets.

      Choosing the Right Back-Up Solution

      In our data-driven world, having an effective asset backup solution is essential. And choosing the best asset backup solution for your business can accelerate your ability to recover faster. But the key to choosing the best backup software is finding solutions that work with your assets and business objectives.

      The right backup solution ensures you have backup copies that are prepared for use and allows you to go on with your business even if your devices are damaged, crash, or become infected with malware. It encrypts file communication to safeguard sensitive assets, against theft and tampering. It also provides you with a safe way of copying your assets and transferring them to the cloud and any local hardware you use for storage.

      In this competitive business environment, even the smallest amount of downtime could cost you in terms of missed productivity and sales, not to mention the damage to your reputation. That’s why the best course of action is to put a solid backup and recovery plan for your assets in place.

      Reasons Why Businesses Are Moving Towards Automated Back-Ups

      According to IBM, the average cost of an asset breach grew by 2.6%, from $4.24 million in 2021 to $4.35 million in 2022(ii).

      Businesses are moving towards a modern backup system that can be programmed to carry out particular tasks at scheduled intervals. Also, they are investing in the right and intelligent technology solutions like marketing automation that can back up their data along with automating tasks.

      These modern back-ups, also known as automated back-ups are beneficial to businesses in the following ways:

      • You do not have to constantly remember to back up when it comes to automated backups. All you need to do is create a timetable and the system will handle the rest.
      • Manual back-ups require human input, which means there’s a high chance of human error. But with automated back-ups, your data will be backed up automatically and with accuracy and consistency.
      • Automated back-ups can be synchronized between different devices. This indicates that you can retrieve the most recent versions of your backup data from any device.

      Benefits of Backing Up the Data in Marketing Automation Tools Like Marketo

      While creating emails in Marketo, there’s a huge chance you can risk losing your customer database if you do not back up your assets effectively.

      Email frequently contains extremely important business information and it may take days or even weeks to locate a single email when needed. Employees leave, devices crash, emails become dispersed among mailboxes, these get erased over time, and you can even be the victim of a malicious attack. All of these can result in corrupted, lost, or deleted emails.

      Here are the top 5 advantages of backing up assets in marketing automation tools like Marketo.

      Benefits of Backing Up the Data

      1. With email backup, email templates, forms, landing pages, and landing page templates can be fully restored.
      2. If a user accidentally deletes emails, email backup helps to restore your valuable assets and ensures it is accessible and searchable.
      3. Casualties like your server or equipment failing won’t affect your emails.
      4. Enable auto-backup to avoid the stress of manual back-ups and never miss a crucial backup.
      5. Faster backup and recovery speeds greatly reduce downtime in the event of a casualty.

      Grazitti’s Backup Solution for Marketo Assets: M-Hive

      If you lose your Marketo assets, you could face challenges such as assets loss and partial or no recovery of assets, loss of time and effort, and financial and business implications.

      Regular back-ups are important to ensure that your marketing assets can be restored fully, with no missing assets. Also, you must have a way to retrieve it quickly if someone overwrites the current version of your marketing asset.

      This is where M-Hive comes in.

      M-Hive is a cloud-based app that brings order and control to your Marketo assets, so you can get back to what’s important: the people and their business. M-Hive lets you back up, restore and safeguard your Marketo assets, even if your Marketo subscription gets canceled.

      Your Marketo assets are never lost, modifications to these assets are tracked, and your asset review is simplified with M-Hive. M-Hive also helps you to:

      M-Hive benefits

      Restore Your Marketo Assets: You can restore your Marketo templates or assets from a cloud repository, whenever necessary.

      Examine the Changes: You can examine the modifications made to each asset and view its earlier versions.

      Streamline Asset Review: By bulk previewing assets and creating PDFs, you can expedite the content review process.

      You can easily back up emails, email templates, landing pages, landing page templates, and more.

      Wrapping Up

      “Where there is data smoke, there is business fire.” — Thomas Redman.

      Data is the backbone of your business. It helps in decision-making by understanding your customer and highlighting the loopholes in your business strategy. We live in a world where data is the new gold and business cannot function without it.

      And M-Hive is an unbeatable solution to safeguard your Marketo assets. With this rock-solid tool on your side, you can protect Marketo assets more quickly, effectively, and for less money.

      Back-Up & Restore Your Marketo Assets All at Once With M-Hive. Talk to Us!

      Streamline and fast-track your asset review process with our cutting-edge Marketo solutions and stay ahead of the curve. Book a demo here or drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

      Statistics References:

      (i) Unitrends
      (ii) IBM

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