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      The Pros of Building an eCommerce Store with .NET

      Jan 23, 2023

      3 minute read

      Catalyzed by the global pandemic, eCommerce has now become the most popular form of commerce in the world.

      Data shows that consumers shifted to eCommerce during the pandemic by nearly 30%, increasing the sector’s growth.[i]

      And this marked eCommerce dominance clearly indicates that eCommerce businesses need a better strategy to stay competitive and significant.

      And it all starts with the platform you choose to build your eCommerce store.

      You want to invest in a platform that streamlines your operational efficiency, delivers memorable customer experiences, and creates phenomenal growth opportunities.

      Enters .NET!

      .NET has been used by many businesses to build highly-scalable, robust, and secure online stores. It has a modular and clean architecture, which allows developers to easily control and customize the back-end functionality and the front-end markup.

      In this blog post, let’s deep dive into the top reasons that make .NET a preferred platform for eCommerce store owners.

      Ready? Let’s go!

      The Pros of Building an eCommerce Store with .Net

      Secure Online Transactions

      No website on the internet is immune to cyberattacks and security breaches. A cybercrime security breach can damage one of your most essential assets: customer trust. And that’s not all, it can also attract hefty penalties since there are stringent global laws to adhere to that protect consumer privacy.

      .NET Framework is one of the most secure frameworks to build an online store. Since it is serviced monthly with security and reliability bug fixes, it offers high web security and data protection.

      It also provides a variety of security measures for online shopping websites like reducing SQL injection attacks, phishing attacks, and other cyberattacks.

      Reduced Time to Market

      .NET is an open-source framework that offers flexibility in development. GitHub has a wide range of code repositories ready to be incorporated into the eCommerce solution. This not only reduces the development time but also allows eCommerce store owners to give their stores the best look and feel in the least possible time and without having to write the code from scratch.

      The Pros of Building an eCommerce Store with .Net

      Enhanced User Experience

      Online customers are autonomous and impatient. Not only do they have higher expectations but also demand a connected customer experience.

      With swift coding and feature installation, .NET enables developers to deliver a seamless experience every user expects.

      Besides, it is easy to design applications and eCommerce websites in ASP.NET Core. This is because it offers pre-built components that are easy to install and ensures that time-tested elements are used to create an enhanced user experience.

      Dynamic Software Programming

      You can leverage the rich features offered by the ASP.NET framework to create scalable eCommerce stores. Garbage collection, language independence, automated memory management, etc are some of the features offered by ASP.NET.

      The dynamic software programming of .NET ensures faster performance and rapid development of an eCommerce store. It also makes the application more accessible and simplifies the entire development process twofold.

      Visual Studio IDE

      Another advantage of using .NET for eCommerce development is that it supports Visual Studio IDE. It is an integrated development environment that provides all the tools and plugins required to build a high-quality application.

      Visual Studio is a one-stop solution to create a robust and feature-rich eCommerce store. .NET developers can tailor make an eCommerce store to fit the business’ specific needs by customizing the IDE.

      High-Performance Store

      ASP.NET Core uses the Kestrel Web server which is considered to be the quickest and most responsive web application framework. The addition of the Kestrel Web server makes your application more responsive and lightweight.

      Besides, asynchronous programming approaches are also an added advantage. While other programming languages such as Python, Java, and PHP use interpreters, .NET uses compilers, which are quicker than interpreters.

      All of the code is taken into consideration by the compiler and is compiled simultaneously. As a result, it is easy and quick to build a high-performance eCommerce store using .NET.


      .NET is one of the oldest and most preferred web frameworks for development. Today’s eCommerce stores need dynamic features, and .NET framework has the capabilities to offer that.

      Want to Leverage .Net to Build an eCommerce Store? Contact Us!

      Our team of .NET developers with their expertise in eCommerce development can help you build a robust and scalable eCommerce store.

      Should you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we will take it from there.


      [i] McKinsey & Company: The great consumer shift: Ten charts that show how US shopping behavior is changing

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