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      Marketing Automation

      The Rising Importance of Marketing Automation in Australia

      Sep 20, 2022

      5 minute read

      In the world of business and marketing, it is important that you are always one step ahead of your competition – or they will be one step ahead of you.

      This is where marketing automation comes in.

      Although marketing automation has been around since just after the dot-com boom, it is still a relatively new concept to most businesses.

      Needless to say, marketing automation has revolutionized the way brands communicate with their target audience. It is no longer about the brand creating content for their potential customers to find, but about automating marketing tasks and publishing them on a schedule automatically.

      And, Australia is always at the forefront of these latest technologies.

      So, in this blog post, we’ll talk about the rise of marketing automation, its scenario in Australia, how it helps various sectors, and the platforms that are most in demand in Australia.

      How Marketing Automation Has Risen in These Years?

      According to research, the market size of marketing automation is anticipated to reach USD 8.42 billion by2027 [i]. Also, according to HubSpot, 72% of the most successful companies use marketing automation for their growth.


      As marketing automation continues to expand, more and more startups are coming out of the woodwork with new ways of automating the process. Marketing automation has enabled companies further down the funnel to collect leads in a much quicker and easier fashion, leading to a higher level of conversions.

      As these methods improve and become more sophisticated, it forces competitors to get on board or be left in the dust no matter what industry they’re in.

      Which Industries Are Keen to Use Marketing Automation in Australia?

      Primarily, marketing automation platforms in the ANZ region are focused on B2B. There are various industries that use marketing automation in Australia. Here are a few of them:

      Business Services

      As Australia climbs to 8th global startup ecosystem rankings[iii], the business service industry is on a sharp rise. Companies are able to reach their target market and have the information they need to effectively advertise.


      Marketing automation has been proven to work wonders for the manufacturing industry. It is easy to implement due to its capacity to reach a broader audience, and it can be used to send targeted messages that are ideal for specific audiences.

      SaaS Software

      As the SaaS sector continues to grow, it can be a marketer’s choice to use a marketing automation platform as it generates leads with higher levels of lead quality, thanks to its powerful tools.

      B2B Financial Services

      As traditional marketing channels become difficult to reach, companies are starting to look towards automation as a way of attracting potential clients. Companies in the B2B financial services sector continue to invest in marketing automation as it increases the conversion rate.

      Healthcare and Life Services

      Because of the vast amounts of data that is collected in this sector, marketers are able to send out highly targeted messages. Marketers can also use data to track users as they move through the sales funnel and use this information to further tailor messages.

      How Marketing Automation is Helping Various Sectors?

      Marketing automation is one of these transformative technologies, bringing in new expectations with it that are having an impact on the way customer data is collected, analyzed, and marketed to.


      Marketing automation can help with:

      Lead Generation

      Using the tools of marketing automation, companies are able to segment the database into various groups that they can then easily target, and market their products and services to.

      Lead Nurturing

      Marketing automation uses several techniques to help you nurture your leads until they become a customer. Some techniques that marketing automation uses to nurture your leads are lead follow-ups and email marketing.

      Better Customer Relationships

      Customer relationship management is another powerful way of using marketing automation. With marketing automation, you can manage your customer relationships and nurture your customers until they become loyal and satisfied customers.

      Escalated Business Growth

      Marketing automation allows companies to gather information about their customers and use that data smartly to observe their behavioral patterns around their interests, needs, pain points, etc. After this, companies can use this information to tailor their offerings to fit what their niche target audience really wants. With this, companies are now able to reap the benefits of marketing automation without spending too much money or hiring too many people.

      Personalized Customer Journey

      Marketing automation can be a great way to streamline your customer journey and create a more personalized and memorable experience for your customers. When your customers feel special, they are more likely to help your business grow by referring you to their friends and family.

      Which Platforms are the Most in Demand in Australia?

      Let’s have a look at the platforms that are most in demand in Australia.


      You can automate a number of processes in HubSpot’s marketing automation software, from setting up basic email workflows to creating a sophisticated network of rules that will target consumers with individualized emails, live chats, and more. HubSpot is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for an “all-in-one” platform that provides the most fundamental capabilities of marketing automation.


      Marketo is a cloud-based marketing automation platform. By using Marketo, you are able to monitor, track, and enhance your campaigns at an automated level through data analytics. It helps you automate your marketing activities and provides real-time insights for better decision-making.


      With a large selection of email templates that feature straightforward or imaginative styles, Klaviyo focuses on providing fantastic email experiences. You can alter and adjust the content you desire for your marketing initiatives thanks to its adaptability. You may effectively send out messages targeted at the right audience thanks to its comprehensive market segmentation tool.

      The Fastest-Growing Marketing Automation Platforms in Australia


      Oracle Eloqua boasts of advanced and comprehensive features that makes it a highly effective marketing automation platform for enterprises. With its noteworthy feature, Campaign Canvas, users can create effective and automated campaigns to drive more leads.

      Some notable features of Eloqua are:

      • Email marketing
      • Central dashboard
      • Reporting & analytics
      • Lead scoring
      • A/B testing
      • Segmentation


      Pardot is another robust platform by Salesforce that empowers sales and marketing teams to collaborate, engage customers, and close more deals. With powerful features, Pardot is a great way to improve efficiency with:

      • Email marketing
      • Sales alignment
      • Lead management and generation
      • Lead nurturing
      • Social profiles
      • ROI reporting

      How Grazitti Has Helped Many of Their Clients Worldwide?

      Grazitti has been in the digital space for over a decade now and has quickly become one of Australia’s most sought-after agencies for all technology-related solutions. At Grazitti, we strive to focus on creating marketing automation strategies that are highly customized to your business so that you can create more brand awareness and build trust in your business.

      Wrapping Up

      As marketing automation continues to become more advanced, it will have a greater effect on many industries. A few sectors are leading the way in marketing automation and this will likely encourage other industries to follow suit. And Australia is right at the forefront of new technologies that will change its landscape for years to come.

      Want to Cultivate and Qualify Leads With Enhanced Marketing Efforts? Let’s Talk!

      Whether you’re a startup or an established business, it is important to have a marketing automation strategy up your sleeve to scale and grow your business. Not sure how to do this? Simply drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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