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      Top 4 Reasons for Community Professionals to Attend Dreamforce 2018

      Aug 31, 2018

      3 minute read

      Dreamforce ‘18 is the best time to thank your stars if you work in community management.

      Whether you are a moderator starting out in the profession, a veteran Community Cloud developer, or a full-fledged community manager whom an entire brand relies upon, at Dreamforce ‘18 you are guaranteed to witness some of the most innovative and exciting things influencing your work.

      You should be excited about Dreamforce ‘18 if you are serious about learning new skills, building direct relationships with your peers and audiences, and transforming your career.

      Here are the four activities you will want to check out at Dreamforce ‘18.

      Top four reasons for community professionals to attend Dreamforce 2018

      1. Sessions on Community Cloud

      Our picks from more than 200 sessions on Community Cloud this year.

      What Does it Take to Engage Your Community?
      Attend this session for a “step-by-step methodology” to develop actionable community engagement strategies. “You’ll learn how to structure your efforts, create shared value, and deploy your resources, to ultimately increase engagement and ROI” from Brian Havens, the Community Manager at one of America’s most promising companies (Forbes), nCino.

      The Open Road with Harley Davidson: Transforming the Customer & Dealer Experience
      Harley-Davidson is well-known for the “die-hard loyalty” of its customers. Be at this session to learn a few techniques that Harley-Davidson uses and build your own successful brand community.

      Get Starting with the Partner Community
      Setting up a partner community should not be daunting when Rajiv Patel shares with you all the top resources you need to bring a winning community for your partners live.

      DemoJam: Custom Themes for Communities
      A hands-on session where you will compete with other trailblazers to build custom themes, package them up, and share and reuse them within your organization or across the Salesforce ecosystem.

      The exhaustive list of Community Cloud sessions can be found on the official Dreamforce ‘18 website.

      2. Free Community Migration Assessments

      Unsure about whether now is the right time to upgrade to Lightning Experience? From booth 1740, Grazitti will be offering complimentary migration assessments for companies planning to move to Lightning.

      Our Salesforce-certified experts will discuss your community’s status and goals, identify the obstacles in the way of migration, and recommend you the right time to successfully move your online community to Lightning Experience.

      Schedule a meet with us now.

      3. Innovative Solutions for Community Professionals

      Improve the self-service capabilities of your community with innovative solutions, some of which might be available at a discount.

      You are in luck if long case resolution time is a primary concern for your community. Grazitti will be providing several demos of SearchUnify, a powerful cognitive search solution for enterprises that digs into your institutional databases and provides answers while a user is still typing a question. You can imagine the smile on your audiences’ faces when they do not have to wait for someone to jump in and help them.

      4. Peers and Thought Leaders

      More than 180,000 professionals are attending. This can translate into a huge opportunity for you to get up to speed on the latest industry trends around Community Cloud and brand communities.

      Although navigating through hundreds of booths can be a challenge at first, help is readily available.

      Are you flying solo? Join this group on Agenda Builder.

      Are you a woman in need of inspiration? You cannot miss Women in Technology.

      Dreamforce ‘18 presents many opportunities to grow in your professional and personal lives. You can participate in the Wellness Challenge if you care about your health as much as helping people and building your brand.

      Need More Assistance? Write to Us!

      If you need more assistance in choosing which sessions to attend, write to us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or at [email protected]. We have been attending Dreamforce for several years and will be glad to help.

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