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      Top 6 Reasons to Create an eCommerce Website With Drupal

      Jan 12, 2021

      4 minute read

      “The number of digital buyers is expected to reach 2.14 billion people by 2021.”

      Going by that number, a good eCommerce platform for your online store is imperative.

      Enter Drupal Commerce, an open-source eCommerce software that augments the content management system Drupal. It includes all the functionalities necessary for an eCommerce website such as product details, product ordering block, cart, and payment methods.

      Top brands such as Honda Brazil, Tesla, Entertainment Weekly, the Australian Government, Lush, Cartier, etc have built their websites on Drupal. Hence, setting up an online store at Drupal Commerce can be a breakthrough for you.

      This blog post throws light on why you should create an eCommerce website on Drupal. Let’s dive in.


      1. Extensibility Features

      Drupal accommodates major eCommerce website solutions. If you want to begin your eCommerce journey by creating a website with Drupal, you will have a full-proof platform loaded with an option of creating free extensions.

      You can use Drupal eCommerce modules such as Commerce Square Connect, Commerce Stripe, or Commerce Paytrail etc to enhance functionalities like payment gateway, security, and many more.

      Then, you have Drupal eCommerce themes which are designed to help you create an attractive layout of your eCommerce website page. Other than that, there is the Commerce Kickstart distribution, which is a preconfigured package giving you an out-of-the-box experience to build your own online store.

      2. Easy Integration with Payment Gateways & Other Systems

      Initiating an eCommerce platform with Drupal Commerce connects your store to third-party systems like CRMs, payment gateways, marketing automation, analytics services, and much more. Drupal 8 includes all the third-party integration tools which will help you in building your online store.

      As mentioned earlier, the free modules make for a consistent integration practice with particular services. Drupal Commerce offers more than 80 payment gateways including PayPal, Sage Pay, Amazon Pay,, Stripe etc.

      Get an In-Depth Understanding On Why Drupal is a Complete Powerhouse for Marketers.

      3. Mobile eCommerce Due to Mobile-First Design

      The latest trends show a rise in the use of mobile phones to make purchases. 79% of smartphone users are said to have made their online purchases via their mobile. This depicts how significant mobile devices are for your eCommerce business.

      To support mobile buyers, Drupal 8 has come up with a mobile-first design which makes it very convenient for all the customers to browse the products using filters, add the selected items in the shopping cart, and then proceed to checkout, everything from the mobile device.

      4. Security and Support

      Drupal is a brilliant choice for setting up your eCommerce platform. It has a team dedicated to looking after the security of a website. Any security breach, issues and bug testing can be prevented with the help of these security modules for your eCommerce store:

      a. Password Policy Module: This module consists of different password policies that are helpful in creating a strong password. Users will have to enter a password and if it meets the requirements set up with this module, only then will it be accepted.

      b. Security Kit: This contains different security-hardening ways to reduce the risk faced from various web applications.

      c. Two-Factor Authentication: This is an authentication module, which acts as a two-step security check process. Users will have to enter the correct codes while signing up, as part of the security check.

      5. Offers a Range of Powerful Community Features

      When you are about to start an eCommerce website, one thing that might concern you is how you engage with your customers.

      Drupal is one platform which presents you with a wide range of powerful community features which can help you in maximizing your sales graph.

      6. SEO Is Much Easier To Control

      An eCommerce website is bound to have huge data. With Drupal by your side, you can significantly improve the SEO of your eCommerce website with the help of various modules including:

      a. SEO Checklist: This module helps you to set a reminder for all your SEO related tasks. You can also update your website with the latest SEO techniques using this module.

      b. Pathauto: It is a SEO module that tells you whether the URL of your website is SEO friendly or not. Pathauto converts complex URLs to simple, clear URLs.

      c. XML Sitemap: This module gives you the flexibility to exclude or include any page from your website’s sitemap. XML Sitemap helps Google crawl and index your website.

      d. Metatag Module: This module comes with an option of setting up multiple languages for your website and controls all the meta tags on your website.

      Key Takeaway

      With this blog post, we’ve tried to cover all the right reasons that make Drupal a perfectly tailored platform to start up an eCommerce website. From mobile compatibility to content-driven approach to keeping a tab on SEO and website analytics, Drupal is ahead of its time! Creating an eCommerce online store just got better. Also, we’re here to assist you.

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