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      What is the Smart Agent Console? – The New Console Enhancements in Service Cloud

      Jan 05, 2015

      4 minute read

      The year 2014-15 sees addition of more than 120 new features to the Service Cloud platform – Mike Milburn (Sr. VP & GM-Salesforce Service Cloud)

      Significant to the intelligent advancements in Service Cloud in Winter ’15 release – is the new Smart Agent Console, which grants the agent with every bit of obtainable customer information, access to search and knowledge base records “right there for the agent, across channels,” says Milburn.

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      What is an Agent Console and what makes it a ‘Smarter’ Agent Console?

      The Agent Console is the out-of-the-box solution by Salesforce introduced in 2013, to view and edit multiple records in single support console. It includes:

      • Tabbed Environment via Primary and Secondary Tabs
      • Access to Live Agent
      • Knowledge Integration
      • Ability to build custom integrations
      • Easy to plug in custom Visualforce component pages
      • Keyboard shortcuts for switching between tabs
      • List view – of records from the primary object
      • Detail view – of the object’s main view
      • Mini view – of related records of main detail record via mini page layout
      • Programmatic features using Salesforce Console Integration Toolkit

      Understanding that customers expect quicker solutions in this social and mobile age, Service Cloud sees a prominent advancement in its Agent Console, making it – The Smart Agent Console. The Smart Agent Console offers a streamlined interface, responsive components, in-line editing and smoother search functionalities, which makes resolving cases faster and easier.

      Dreamforce ’14 announced Smart Agent Console’s power getting enhanced with the Analytics Cloud. Companies “can bring in every single piece of information it needs to run its business right at [the agent’s] fingertips,” Milburn said.

      The Amazing New Features of the Smart Agent Console

      The new Smart Agent Console has been redesigned with the agent’s perspective. The console is simplified, with a contemporary look & feel. Let’s have a look at the new features:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

      Smart Agent Console

      • Sending Article Content via Email (Pilot): Using Knowledge One, agents can send article content within an email instead of just sending a URL, allowing customers to access the information without opening a webpage.
      • Redefined Case Feed with Compact Feed: Agents can see more information in lesser space with the new compact feed. The layouts can be tailor-made and are editable. The e-mail address search has also become easier and customizable in Case Feed Email Messages.
      • Custom Colours (Pilot): The Agent Console can now be customized with brand specific colours for the header and footer.
      • Integration: Agents can now collaborate and solve cases right from their IOS or Android devices. The new Salesforce1 mobile app fast-tracks support jobs such as executing macros, adding notes and assigning cases providing end-to-end case management on the go.
      • Smart Search: With this latest version of Salesforce search, if the search highlights in snippets, the best article can be quickly identified, with highlighted search terms and relevant text in the article shown right in the search results. Users with correct permissions can even pin types of records to the top of the list to customize the search results.
      • Files Tool: With the Files Tool, agents can view, add and download files related to a case.
      • Case Experts Tool: Agents can quickly trace and collaborate with peers who are knowledgeable about particular issues to resolve cases quicker.
      • Enhanced Lookup Component: Users can now flexibly see information with a multiple column display in the lookup components, by dragging lookup component-borders to broaden the columns.
      • Edit Fields in the Lookup Component: Inline editing can be used to change field values like a contact number in the Lookup component. With inline editing, users can manage information more efficiently.
      • Auto-size Enabled Stacked Components: Information can now be accessed faster with lesser scrolling in stacked components as they auto-size vertically to fit browsers.
      • Hovering over Related List Items: View details about items in the related list component to get the required information like case details, status, priority, or contact name, without having to look for it elsewhere.

      Salesforce Console for Service is available in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with the Service Cloud.

      Make your Agents’ Life Easier with the New Smart Agent Console-for Faster & Smarter Customer Support Process

      New Smart Agent Console

      Want to Implement Smart Agent Console for your Customer Support?

      At GrazittiTM we understand Customer Support requirements. Our certified developers have provided award winning customized solutions for Service Cloud, Online Communities, Sales Cloud, and Salesforce implementations for companies like Marketo, Ping Identity, Centrify, Alteryx, and many more. If you want to implement latest Service Cloud enhancements to your Support instance, just drop us a line at [email protected]

      Disclaimer: Salesforce, Service Cloud, Salesforce1, Agent Console, Smart Agent Console, Chatter, Sales Cloud, Dreamforce, Visualforce, are trademarks of Inc

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