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      What to Expect from Dreamforce 2019, the Most Exciting Dreamforce Event Ever

      Oct 23, 2019

      3 minute read

      Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce event where trailblazers from around the world congregate for four days of celebration, is almost on the horizon. But this time, it’s a whole lot different than all the previous Dreamforce events.

      What comes to your mind when you hear the word Dreamforce? A great platform for connecting with fellow trailblazers? An opportunity to learn and get inspired from the industry leaders? An opportunity to grow as a Salesforce professional? Or all of them?

      Well, apart from an opportunity for networking and learning, Dreamforce is also about the excitement leading up to it. And the excitement for Dreamforce 2019 is soaring, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Every tech enthusiast–not just trailblazers–around the globe is looking forward to this year’s Dreamforce. That’s why it is said to be the most exciting and best Dreamforce event ever.


      What makes Dreamforce 2019 the most exciting event this year?

      Salesforce is now into the second tier of its revenue goals and eyeing to double its revenue i.e $20 billion by 2022. Thus, a kicking start is what Salesforce requires and Dreamforce is a platform that could give it that kick with millions of eyes keenly looking at the event.

      Salesforce is calling everyone to be ready for the unexpected at the event. Now, this has everyone excited and sitting on the edge.

      In sum, around 170,000 people— industry leaders, Salesforce experts, aspiring trailblazers, and more—are expected to turn up in San Francisco to attend the event. There are ample opportunities for networking, learning with 2700+ sessions & workshops and 50+ visionary keynotes, and to be a witness to world-class innovation at the Dreamfore Expo.

      But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

      Salesforce is expected to announce something really big to get a head start and its recent acquisitions including Tableau indicate the same.

      Also, Salesforce announced three new products–Quip Shield, Manufacturing Cloud, and Sustainability Cloud–right before Dreamforce ‘19. The announcement raised many eyebrows at the timing of it.

      Salesforce, however, doesn’t do anything without a reason. The announcement, however, also shoots up the curiosity level around the event.

      Thus, the suspense around what would be announced at Dreamforce ‘19 is giving everyone butterflies in the stomach.

      Well, nobody outside the Salesforce tower has any clue what Salesforce will announce at Dreamforce and we are not going to play the “guess what’s going to happen at Dreamforce” game. We, along with everyone out there, would get to know at Dreamforce where the future will take the center stage.

      That’s, however, not it. What a Dreamforce event would it be without enough fun quotient in it. For fun, there will be Dreamfest–the musical night, happy hours, lots of games, and much more. Dreamfest, especially, is unlike any other party. Metallica was there at the Dreamfest last year and Fleetband Mac will be playing at Dreamfest 2019.

      For a better experience, go through the Dreamforce 2019 schedule and plan things accordingly.

      Grazitti at Dreamforce 2019

      Grazitti Interactive has been regularly attending the Dreamforce event since 2014 and this year again, we are an official navigator sponsor. Since 2008, Grazittti has helped global brands simplify their business processes with our variety of Salesforce services and innovative products. In case you want to discuss anything about Salesforce or want to know more about our offerings, stop by booth 1639 to meet with our experts.

      In case you can’t make it to the Dreamforce, we will keep you posted about all the latest updates straight from the event. Just, don’t forget to like, subscribe to Grazitti interactive on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

      Coming to Dreamforce?

      Don’t forget to meet team Grazitti at booth 1639. And for a hassle-free experience, schedule your meet with us today.

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