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      What’s new in Marketo July 2015 Release?

      Jul 21, 2015

      2 minute read

      Marketo’s May 2015 Release saw a major facelift with the introduction of Guided Landing Page Editor. Marketo’s July 2015 Release delivers a stream of new features. Some like the enhancements to Rich Text Editor and Campaign Prioritization having an immediate impact on user experience.

      Here are the highlights of the release – and what these new enhancements mean to you.


      • Interesting Marketo Moments – The Marketo Moments app, available from The App Store or Google Play, gives you the power to see what’s important to you at a moment in time, wherever you are. You can see how you marketing campaigns are performing in real time, and take action on future campaigns, all from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad or Android Phone. With Marketo Moments app you can also see a focused set of reports and easily measure the impact of your marketing efforts.
      • Rich Text Editor – The updated rich text editor has a new look and feel with more streamlined features including HTML editing, image editing, link insertion and text formatting. Marketo hints that the update will automatically roll out within a few days of July release. Thereafter, you have the option to switch between the new and legacy rich text editor versions. You can toggle between the two versions from Admin > Email > Edit Editor Settings.
      • Email Deliverability Sign-On – Earlier logging in email deliverability required credentials, but now when you click email deliverability tile you automatically get logged in.
      • Campaign Prioritization – This is a significant feature, it can save you a great deal of time and efforts. You now have the ability to set a priority for your RTP campaigns. This new function can be useful if you have multiple personalized RTP campaigns and they are overlapping each other.
      • Company API – Before you could not update or read CRM company records in Marketo. Deleting a Company with active associated leads was not permitted. But now the REST API provides access to the Marketo Community object. Now you can create, read and delete company objects in Marketo and associate leads with such Companies.
      • Access Email Deliverability – The new access email deliverability tool provides admins with permission to grant users access to the email deliverability tool.

      As we head towards the latter half year, we are increasingly excited about the updates rolling out. With the introduction of Marketo moments App and enhancements in company API, it is evident that Marketo is striving to become a core marketing hub.

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