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      Why Drupal CMS Platform Is a Powerhouse for Marketers

      Jun 17, 2019

      3 minute read

      Content management systems (CMS) allows you to draft, edit, publish and if required, remove the content while operating from a web browser.

      Drupal is one of the leading and flexible CMS platforms based on the LAMP stack. It boasts a modular design that enables you to add or remove features by installing modules and uninstalling them if need be.


      It allows you to change both the look and feel of a website using different themes. Drupal Core – the base version – has PHP scripts required to access basic CMS functionalities. Apart from that, there are many modules and themes, image assets, CSS and JavaScript that can be downloaded from the Drupal website.


      What Makes Drupal an Ideal CMS Platform for Marketers?


      1. Integration with your CRM platform: Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, whatever CRM tool you use, can be integrated with Drupal using a module. These integrations allow you to manage leads as they interact with your website content.

      2. Integration with marketing automation tools: If you use a marketing automation tool like Marketo or HubSpot, then it can be integrated with Drupal using a module that also allows you to create forms, keep an eye on campaigns and collects leads and enter them into the CRM system.

      3. Integration with email marketing platforms: For every email marketing platform like MailChimp, there is a module that enables you to create email campaigns from your website and attract new subscribers. You will be able to manage all campaigns from your website’s admin panel.

      4. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): With the speculation about Google launching its mobile-first index soon, factors like page load speed and mobile usability are going to be a major factor when Google indexes your mobile pages. Drupal’s AMP module allows you to create mobile-optimized pages that load quickly and resize responsively to any screen.

      5. Custom landing pages: By using modules like Paragraphs and Panels in the latest layout, you can add a wide range of visual elements on your page and take complete control of the style and message these pages send across to the visitors.

      How Does Drupal Fare Against other Open-Source CMS Platforms?

      Drupal is a robust and agile platform for development. With constant updates from a very active community, you can be certain that you get every opportunity to leverage it’s benefits to the fullest. Here are some points that make Drupal a preferred platform for development:

      1. Reliability: Drupal is a reliable platform that has a framework capable of handling high traffic, making it an ideal choice for enterprise users that have some of the busiest platforms.

      2. Security: Often commended for its steady security measures with regular updates and patches from communities, Drupal keeps your website secure from hacking attempts and allows you to manage security and performance parameters directly from the admin panel.

      3. Linguistic Flexibility: Drupal supports over 90 different languages like Chinese and Arabic.

      4. SEO-friendly: Drupal has your SEO needs covered. The CMS allows you to integrate 3rd party modules to optimize your SEO capabilities and promote your website in a seamless manner. Additionally, these modules let you take better control of URLs in a swift manner.

      To Wrap Up

      Drupal can be used to grow your business website substantially. If you are a marketer, then the seamless integration with marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM platforms will make your life a lot easier.

      It is a multi-shade canvas that has enough colors to paint an all-around picture and can be used to showcase your brand in a completely unique manner. You can replicate your vision onto your brand’s website with ease and stand out from the competition.

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