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      WordPress-Marketo Connector

      Why Integrate Your WordPress Website with Marketo? Here’s the Reason!

      Jul 08, 2019

      3 minute read

      Are you in a dilemma if your WordPress website needs to be integrated with Marketo? Read on to know why it is a necessity for you.

      The blog talks about

      • Key advantages of the integration
      • Specific integration areas to create an end-to-end marketing solution

      WordPress has gained an unrivaled position among different content management systems. It has 58.55% of the CMS market share which is more than all other systems combined!

      WordPress has an extensive plugin library and is highly customizable. Also, it has many options for third-party integrations which makes it a natural choice for marketers to integrate with other platforms, specifically marketing automation.


      When you use a marketing automation platform like Marketo for managing your email campaigns, it becomes imperative to integrate it with your WordPress website.

      Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of integrating your WordPress website with Marketo

      Landing Page

      Landing Page

      Do you have what I want? Why should I get it from you? – Tim Ash.

      The sole purpose of landing pages is to move prospects down the sales/marketing funnel. However, not all landing pages convert the same way. So, what’s the difference? Integrating landing pages with your WordPress website passes information directly from the landing page to your contact list. It tracks the whole customer journey and gives you a clear picture of the visitor’s engagement with your company.

      Marketo Embedded Forms

      Marketo Embedded Forms

      Marketo-embedded forms collect data from a fully responsive WordPress website. These can be integrated to refer to the most valuable contact and lead info.

      Marketo embedded forms increase website conversion while using

      • Pre-fill
      • Progressive Profiling, and
      • Restrict Pre-fill



      Integrating Marketo with WordPress provides insights into your landing pages. It also drives your attention towards content which is not performing, helps you prove marketing ROI, and discover long-term trends.

      Content Personalization

      Content Personalization

      Personalization happens when a marketer or salesperson can take a piece of content and make it more useful for a specific prospect or customer – John Jantsch.

      WordPress is a prominently used CMS across the globe. Given its popularity, integrating the CMS with your marketing automation platform like Marketo helps save time, automate emails, and improves website conversions. A WordPress and Marketo connector also allows you to showcase personalized content. It improves your user experience and nurtures leads.

      Instead of showing the same content to visitors, when your website displays different recommendations to different visitor personas, it boosts your affiliate sales. It shows visitors content that is truly relevant to them. Eventually, it brings more business to your platform.

      Want to Integrate Your WordPress Website with Marketo?

      Grazitti’s WordPress Marketo Integration can help you improve conversions. You may customize it as per your business requirements and increase visitor engagement. For more information on integrating your WordPress website with Marketo, get in touch at [email protected].


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