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      Why Is Drupal 8 Beneficial for Your Business

      Jul 17, 2019

      3 minute read

      Packed with multiple powerful features, including greater flexibility, higher page load speed, and scalability, Drupal 8 was launched more than two years ago. If you haven’t upgraded to Drupal 8, you should consider doing it now!

      In our blog post, we talk about how Drupal 8 is beneficial for your business. Let’s dive in.


      Mobile Friendly

      Drupal 8 is built keeping mobile in mind. It keeps up with the times by being fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Drupal puts mobile users at its core and uses the mobile-first approach. It handles content loading quickly which means your audience would not waste their time.

      In other words, upgrading to Drupal 8 gives you a mobile-friendly website that is easy to administer from all the devices.

      Content Authoring

      Drupal is not just mobile-friendly for end-users but it also allows content editors to administer their website from mobile devices. The new interface allows content creation, publishing, and editing of the content on the front-end. This means your users will always have the best possible experience on your website.

      Multilingual Capabilities

      Translation has never been this easy. The Drupal 8 translation system is newly written and is fully integrated into the CMS that makes installation in different languages easier. Businesses with a target global audience can take advantage of Drupal’s multilingual capabilities.

      The recent version is configured with a powerful translation module with content translation, configuration translation, and interface translation. It enables you to translate any component of the software, image styles, comments. You can also get software translation updates from the community hence saving a lot of time and money.

      Higher Security Level

      Drupal has a strong and robust security system in place. It has an organized process for verifying, investigating, and publishing possible security problems.

      Drupal’s security team regularly works with the community to address security issues as they arise.

      For businesses using Drupal 8, it is important that they subscribe to the security mailing list and stay updated with the recent security advisors of all types.

      Flexible integration with Marketing Tools

      Drupal 8, is an important part of your marketing ecosystem – with commerce-first and community-first marketing solutions to achieve the most ambitious business goals.

      When it comes to third-party integrations, Drupal 8 is the most flexible CMS. Along with the APIs, Drupal will permit any business to quickly integrate the recent technologies, delivering exclusive customer experience.

      SEO Friendly

      Known as SEO-friendly CMS, Drupal 8 has become even more advanced by improving search engine optimization results. Drupal 8 uses industry-leading caching technology to permit access to the updated content. It helps preserve the content that has not changed. So, after your visitors come to your website, they would not have to wait for all the content to load each time.

      RESTful Web Services

      When you use Drupal 8, web services work out-of-the-box here. There is no need to download any additional modules as all the important tools are already included in the core with the required modules.

      Drupal 8 makes the integration with marketing automation platforms easier and fetch data faster as compared to other APIs. This is the reason why REST web services have evolved quickly.

      Key Takeaway

      The latest Drupal version is open-source, which is easy to access and operate. It has added a number of enhancements, themes, and free plugins that make the system even more flexible, scalable, and user-friendly.

      Want more information about Drupal Services?

      At Grazitti Interactive, we offer best-in-class website development services using latest CMS’s like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and more with advanced technologies such as PHP,, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery’, AngularJS, etc. To know more, send us an email at [email protected].

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