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      5 Essential Ways to Bolster Data Security in the Cloud!

      May 09, 2016

      2 minute read

      The recent years have seen a steady increase in large and small organizations leveraging the cloud platform to run business processes efficiently.

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      However, despite being a modern platform, the cloud isn’t free from security vulnerabilities and associated risks.

      Common Data Security Concerns Include

      • Data breaching that exists in all forms like theft, loss or unauthorized access to data
      • Account hijack that allows hackers to access sensitive data
      • Insider threat in the organization
      • Loss of data through malicious attacks, natural disasters etc.

      The ramifications of these challenges can result in wasted revenue and ultimately in loss of business. By having a clear understanding of the security threats on the cloud platform, businesses can safeguard themselves from these risks.

      Here are a few ways to bolster data security on the cloud

      • Periodically Test Your Cloud: To keep data secure, proper security aspects should be built so that the said data is safe from all vulnerabilities that exist in the cloud. Testing your cloud thoroughly and in a defined manner is the best way to keep it secure. Stress testing, penetration testing, and MiM attacks are a few tests and techniques which can help evaluate security.
      • Read Service Level Agreements: SLAs are vital to cloud security and it is absolutely essential to go through one before opting for a vendor. Cloud services differ amongst providers, and to know and understand that difference, SLAs play a key role. Also, the cloud security business has a number of standards which should be met by the vendor. Service Level Agreements will contain that information as well.
      • Implement Strong Passwords & Access Policies: When dealing with cloud infrastructure, you need to build many layers of security. However, the first level of security should originate from the user accessing that data. A 2015 study by the Data Breach Industry Forecast highlights how 59% of all reported security incidents were said to have originated from within companies, whether due to negligence or malfeasance of employees. Moreover, strong access policies along with secure passwords should be set when migrating data to the cloud.
      • Encrypt the Entire Data: Encrypting your entire data might be cumbersome and expensive, but is one of the best methods to protect your business from security vulnerabilities that exist in the cloud. Though the data would still be susceptible to environmental and physical threats, but will be rendered useless in case of a security breach.
      • Use Secure Remote Access: The cloud is named so because it facilitates data access on the go. Since most business is now conducted whilst on the move using a smartphone or a tablet, this makes data security the chief concern. Leveraging a VPN (Virtual Private Network), organizations can ensure secure data flow from the cloud.

      Want to securely leverage the power of the Cloud?

      At Grazitti Interactive, our team of cloud architects, support techs, and developers have worked on various cloud platforms that span across Service, Sales, Community, Marketing, and Analytics. We have helped companies like Apttus, Gigamon, Alteryx, and Ping Identity with their cloud security needs. If you want to maximize your business investments, just drop us a line at [email protected] to know more about our cloud-related services.

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