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      7 Ways to Power Your Digital Adoption Initiatives in 2023

      Mar 02, 2023

      3 minute read

      “Every industry and every organization will have to transform itself in the next few years. What is coming at us is bigger than the original internet, and you need to understand it, get on board with it, and figure out how to transform your business.” — Tim O’Reilly, Founder & CEO of O’Reilly Media

      In recent years, technology has taken giant strides and undergone rapid transformation.

      Especially after the pandemic, the way organizations work has completely changed.

      94% of CEOs want to maintain or accelerate pandemic-driven digital transformation.[1]

      Organizations that have strategized to stay on top of the technological changes have thrived.

      2023 is going to be no different and technology will continue to evolve at a more brisk pace.

      This is where you need digital adoption strategies to envisage change and make your digital transformation efforts fruitful.

      Digital adoption is a process that helps users learn new technology (software, websites, applications, etc.). It enhances user experience and productivity and helps them stay on top of your digital transformation initiatives.

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      7 Ways to Elevate Your Digital Adoption Initiatives

      Let’s take a look at some of the key strategies that you can implement to elevate your digital adoption initiatives and enable your employees and customers to get used to technological changes quickly –

      1. Segregate Users

      Amid the rising influence of big data, organizations must leverage smart tools to segregate users based on their roles, personal traits, and software objectives. With this, you can create adoption experiences that cater to a particular group of employees or customers. Segmentation of users enables you to provide them with personalized training of your workplace software’s core features.

      2. Gather the Right Data

      Disjointed or incomplete data can hamper your digital transformation efforts, hence it is crucial to gather correct data for informed decision-making. As soon as you get rid of the redundant data, you can strategize which digital transformation initiatives work the best for you.

      3. Build Digital Immunity

      A digital immune system (DIS) combines technologies and a range of practices to create superior UX and reduce system failures that impact business performance. Having a DIS in place ensures that your applications and services recover quickly from failures.

      For example, American Airlines have implemented a Digital Immune System by using site reliability, chaos engineering, and a ‘test-first’ approach to deal with unknown weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This has helped their employees increase their system understanding and knowledge.

      4. Leverage Low-Code Platforms

      A low-code platform enables non-technical business users to design, build, and deploy software applications. With drag-and-drop features, it simplifies things for your business analysts and other non-technical users to create custom tasks without being well-versed in coding.

      5. Empower Users with Inclusive Software Experiences

      Each and every user has different traits, characteristics, and experiences.

      By creating engaging, contextual, and personalized software experiences for every unique user with personalized flows and user interfaces, you can empower them with tailored learning content, making the digital adoption process smooth.

      6. Create Self-Help Channels

      These days, users love being self-reliant. Creating self-help centers equips users with training videos, process documentation, FAQs, and more so that they can search for answers to their contextual queries themselves.

      7. Implement a Digital Adoption Platform

      You need to invest in a digital adoption platform that creates an integrated and complete application experience to support your digital transformation strategies. A digital adoption platform is a software that is built on top of another software and provides no-code tools to create better user adoption experiences for the users.

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      In this ever-changing business landscape, staying on top of technological changes is the key for your business to thrive.

      Effective digital adoption strategies can help you do that effectively and prepare for the changes better.

      In this blog post, we took a look at 6 digital adoption strategies that will help you stay on top of the technological changes and enable your employees and customers to be more proficient with whatever technology is introduced to them.

      At Grazitti, our software development wizards understand the importance of effective digital adoption and developed GuideIn.

      GuideIn enables you to onboard users on your Salesforce-powered community seamlessly with guided walkthroughs to facilitate seamless user onboarding and employee training.

      Want to Leverage GuideIn for Better User Adoption on Salesforce-Powered Communities? Let’s Talk!

      Should you want to know more, please write to us at [email protected] and our product experts will take it from there.

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