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      Alteryx 11.0: All You Need to Know

      Mar 02, 2017

      2 minute read

      The self-service data analytics leader, Alteryx has come out with a new release – the Alteryx Analytics 11.0. It enables analysts to perform sophisticated analytics without having to rely on other departments.

      Alteryx Analytics 11.0 bridges the gap between self-service data analytics and governance. It helps analysts achieve visibility and control, and accelerate analytic insights.Alteryx 11

      Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the new release:

      • Centralized Scheduling and Automation – Alteryx 11.0 offers a completely new scheduling experience that enables analysts to scale their analytics processes. Individuals can now create, manage, and schedule workflows, and Administrators have visibility into all schedules and can manage them. Along with that, Admins can also assign role-based permissions to individuals. The new release also enables automating analytic processes across the organization.
      • Data Connection Manager – IT or Data Managers can now create, manage, and share connections across the enterprise with the new Data Connection Manager. In the 11.0 release, connections can be created, edited, shared, or revoked quickly.
      • Usage and Reporting – The new release offers better visibility and control over the usage of Alteryx Designer with new usage monitoring and reporting features. Now Administrators can optimize the performance of analytic workloads.
      • Data Profiling – Alteryx Analytics 11.0 now enables analysts to visually understand the health and the quality of a dataset. The new Data Profiling feature, through interactive visualizations, helps analysts ascertain the health of a dataset and makes interpreting the quality of data easy.
      • Global Search – The built-in Global Search feature in 11.0 allows analysts to collaborate and crowdsource answers from the Alteryx community. Along with that, analysts also get access to all the available tools, tutorials, analytic samples without having to leave the Alteryx Designer interface.
      • Automated Formula Development – The new formula tool in 11.0 provides suggestions, error notifications, auto-completion of expressions. This helps analysts generate accurate expressions.
      • Predictive Model Visualizations – The new release now enables analysts to become better at their job. With Predictive Model Visualizations, analysts can expand their skillset by understanding advanced analytic models like linear regression, logistic regression etc.
      • In-Database Processing – Platform support for In-DB connectivity has been expanded in Alteryx Analytics 11.0. New platforms which have been added include SAP Hana, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Microsoft Analytics Platform System, and IBM Netezza.
      • Seamless Data Access and Extensibility – Connecting to SQL Server and Oracle Database has been made easy in the new release. Along with this, Alteryx Analytics 11.0 gives analysts the power to tap into nontraditional data sources with a ZIP file connection, an enhanced SharePoint connector, and a customizable ODBC connector.

      With each release, the self-service data analytics platform has been making things easier for data analysts, analytic leaders, and data management professionals. Version 11 of Alteryx Analytics offers scalable self-service data analytics with a host of new features.

      Leverage Big Data with Alteryx

      Grazitti Interactive is an Alteryx Preferred Partner, specializing in Predictive Intelligence, Salesforce Optimization, and Marketing Automation. Grazitti extends predictive and prescriptive solutions using advanced analytics to increase win rates and reduce costs. To know more, drop us a line at [email protected].

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