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      Marketing Automation

      Benefits of Marketing Automation for eCommerce Businesses

      Oct 14, 2022

      3 minute read

      As an eCommerce store owner, you simply can’t do everything while also working on growing your business. And let’s face it – there’s so much to do – from managing your inventory to optimizing your digital content and implementing effective marketing campaigns to lead nurturing.

      And one of the most crucial yet time-consuming eCommerce activities is eCommerce marketing.

      It won’t be an understatement to say that it is rather taxing on time, resources, and effort.

      Thus, it’s imperative for eCommerce businesses to invest in marketing automation software to drive results without burning out. A marketing automation tool can be the differentiating factor that increases customer engagement, sales, and revenue by automating repetitive and boring marketing tasks.

      As per a study, an average of 51% of companies are currently using Marketing automation. A little over half of the B2B companies (58%) plan to opt for it in the near future.[i]

      Still, wondering what benefits marketing automation will bring to your business? Read this blog post to find out!

      Ready? Let’s get started!

      Benefits of Marketing Automation for eCommerce Businesses

      Lead Nurturing

      According to a study, 80% of stores that opted for marketing automation saw an increase in the number of leads, whereas a good 77% saw improved conversions.[ii]

      Engaging with new prospects is crucial to moving them down the sales funnel faster. This is why it is important to nurture these leads through email campaigns, social media marketing and retargeting, and omnichannel marketing.

      Now, to perform these activities effectively, your marketing team requires a considerable amount of time and effort, which reduces operational efficiency. However, a marketing automation tool allows your marketing team to focus on high-impact tasks such as developing marketing campaigns.

      Personalized Experiences

      Personalization is the key to driving better engagement and conversion rates. When done right, personalization helps increase engagement, customer experiences, and loyalty. However, delivering the right message to the right audience is often easier said than done.

      This is where marketing automation helps.

      Marketing automation helps you build genuine and long-term customer relationships through tailored content.

      Not only does it help you manage contacts, leads, campaigns, and the impact that your business has but also segment customers into categories.

      With segmentation, you can curate and deliver personalized and relevant content to your customers with ease, and meet their specific needs and expectations effectively.

      Monitor Sales Across Channels

      Omnichannel marketing is one of the pillars on which a lucrative eCommerce business stands. Customers interact with your brand on different channels throughout their buying journey. This is why it is important to maintain message consistency on all platforms.

      Marketing automation tools can help you create tailor-made customer experiences for all channels with a common brand strategy.

      Also, omnichannel marketing automation reduces the overheads and makes the process easier for all touch points.

      Reduction in Cart Abandonment

      Cart abandonment is one of the primary reasons why eCommerce loses out on sales and revenue.

      With marketing automation, you can convert these abandoned carts and recover the lost revenue.

      The marketing automation tools help you send automated cart reminder emails to customers at intervals with lucrative offers and/or discounts to persuade them to complete the purchase. This saves a lot of time and helps generate sales.

      Ideally, 3 hours, 6 hours, and 12 hours are the times you should send such reminder emails.

      Send “Back in Stock” Alerts

      One of the easiest and most effective ways to retarget potential customers is by sending them back-in-stock notifications. With marketing automation, you can ask customers to sign up to receive an email or text the moment a product is back in stock.

      And as soon as it is back in stock, these subscribers will be instantly notified, helping you generate more sales.

      Moreover, you can couple back-in-stock alerts with cart abandonment recovery campaigns to make a lot of sales that you would have definitely lost otherwise.

      To Summarize

      Automating marketing activities can definitely take an enormous burden off you. Sending lead nurturing emails with highly targeted messages to your prospects at the right time delivers excellent results.

      Whether it is sending cart reminders or back-in-stock alerts, marketing automation can drive major conversions with minimal effort.

      Wish to Automate Your eCommerce Marketing Processes? Contact Us!

      Our experts can integrate marketing automation tools into your eCommerce store to help you deliver an excellent customer experience and generate higher revenues.

      Should you have any more queries, reach out to us at [email protected] and we will take it from there.


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      [ii] Venture Beat: Marketing automation best bets

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