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      Combat the Challenge of Duplicate Data in Marketo and Salesforce

      Jul 06, 2022

      3 minute read

      Your marketing automation platform and CRM is the backbone of your MarTech toolkit. And if that duo is Marketo and Salesforce, it is indeed a match made in heaven.

      However, bad data can often contaminate your database and impact marketing campaigns designed to nurture leads if it’s not managed properly.

      Duplicate data can significantly affect the bottom line of your business!

      According to research, bad marketing data costs organizations nearly $12.8 million every year.[i]

      To ensure that your marketing and sales efforts are in the right direction, it is key to ensure that your data is clean and up-to-date. However, ensuring your data in Marketo and Salesforce is spic-and-span can be a tall order, especially if you’re doing it manually.

      In this crisp read, we will understand the impact of duplicate data, the key reasons for data duplication, and how a smart dedupe tool can help you to improve data quality, improve your marketing efforts, and save costs. So, let’s get started.

      The Real Impact of Duplicate Data in Salesforce and Marketo

      Lead acquisition from different channels can cause duplicate records in your Salesforce and Marketo.

      These duplicate leads can:

      • Hamper efficiency of each platform
      • Prevent you from prioritizing leads for follow-up
      • Lead to missed opportunities
      • Misalignment between marketing and sales teams

      A catastrophe on your marketing and sales initiatives!

      Not only does it reduce lead quality; but also it can decrease lead visibility within both systems and increase associated subscription costs.

      Here’s how duplicate data can affect your business.


      1. Impact on Brand Reputation

      If you have duplicates in your database, your target audience might receive similar emails multiple times. This can significantly affect your brand reputation as it might lead your customers to unsubscribe.

      2. Lack of Single Customer View

      The objective of your CRM and MAP is to provide you with a single customer view that helps you better manage your interactions with your customers. However, duplicate data can blur a clear understanding of your customer’s journey.

      3. Decrease Sales Productivity

      With duplicate records, sales executives might get confused about the right person to contact, which can result in decreased productivity and inefficient lead conversion.

      4. Low Click-Through Rate (CTR)

      It is unlikely for recipients to open any of your messages if you’re sending multiple messages to the same email address. They might even push you to the spam folder. Unhealthy database can result in non-targeted emailing, which can affect your CTR. Hence, leading to ineffective marketing efforts.

      5. Inaccurate Lead Scoring

      With duplicate records, firmographic, demographic, or behavior scoring can skew results, making for inaccurate lead scores, which ultimately, can impact your lead nurturing and conversion efforts.

      Key Reasons for Duplicate Data

      In Salesforce, duplicate accounts are created without the need for sales reps to create them. Duplicates can be caused by multiple record creation, records being assigned to different owners, and by sales teams creating duplicates during account updates.

      Some limitations of that prevent duplicate management in Salesforce are:

      • No cross-object matching support
      • Only manual merging allowed
      • Limited matching algorithms

      In Marketo, duplicate leads can be caused by:

      • Data being manually added
      • Data being imported into one of your databases

      So, what’s the right way of detoxifying your data?

      Enter – M-Clean! A real-time dedupe app for Marketo.

      M-Clean – Your Key for Healthy Database

      M-Clean can deduplicate and detoxify your data so that you can prevent duplicates from hiking your subscription costs and hurting your marketing efforts.

      How, you ask?

      M-Clean utilizes customer dedupe rules and easily merges your duplicate data in Marketo and CRMs (Salesforce/MS Dynamics) automatically.

      Here are a few notable features of M-Clean:

      • Quick Set-Up
      • One-Time Merge
      • Fuzzy Match Principle
      • Real-Time Duplicate Check
      • Custom Dedupe Rules
      • Seamless Integration with CRM (Salesforce/MS Dynamics)
      • Live Dedupe Report

      Keeping data clean is no rocket science. At least not with M-Clean!

      With M-Clean in your corner, you’d be on your way to a healthy database, better lead quality, and effective marketing campaigns.

      Want to Steer Clear of Duplicates in Marketo? Talk to Us!

      If you’d like to see M-Clean in action, schedule a personalized demo with our Marketo aces,or just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

      Statistics Reference:

      [i] Gartner


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