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Deliver Personalized Content with WordPress Marketo Integration

by on Aug 10, 2017 in Marketo, WordPress

Globally, more than 70 million websites leverage WordPress as their CMS. Given its vast popularity, integrating the CMS with your marketing automation platform like Marketo, helps save time by automating processes and boosts website conversions. Along with this, a WordPress and Marketo integration allows you to display personalized content to nurture your subscribers and improve user experience.

Here’s a list of advantages you gain by integrating WordPress with Marketo:

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Custom newsletters

You can create an ad-hoc newsletter within minutes. You just need to tag the blog posts you want to add to the newsletter without any need for copying and pasting or coding. Then set a priority for each post, decide their order of display, and hit send. It’s that easy.

Automated notifications

You can set up digests to automatically notify your blog subscribers about the new WordPress blog articles on regular intervals.

Website personalization

By logging visitor activity and determining their interests, you can personalize content, offers etc. This increases the chance of conversions and provides for a better user experience.

Content localization

Serving localized content is imperative if you are targeting visitors across multiple countries or regions. WordPress-Marketo integration allows you to improve conversions by displaying region-specific details to your site visitors.

Marketo embedded forms

Marketo forms enable you to capture visitor data directly into your Marketo instance. With Marketo forms, you can implement progressive profiling to gradually capture lead data while nurturing the leads.

Want to integrate WordPress with Marketo?

Grazitti’s WordPress Marketo Integration Connector helps you deliver highly personalized content for your prospects or leads that drives customer engagement and increases conversion rates. You can find more information here or you can schedule a demo right away. Get in touch with us at

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