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      Deliver Personalized Content With WordPress-Marketo Integration

      Aug 10, 2017

      4 minute read

      72%[i] of customers have agreed to only engage with personalized messaging.

      This stat highlights the importance of personalized content in today’s marketing landscape. And, emphasizes the need for businesses to invest in technology and resources to deliver personalized messaging to their customers.

      The more relevant content you offer, the more your customers will engage with your website and business.

      But, what exactly is personalized content? And how do you optimize your website for that? Let’s break it down bit by bit in this crisp read.

      Personalized Content and Its Impact on Your Business

      Personalized content refers to content that is tailored to the interests, preferences, and needs of individual users. The aim is to leverage specific customer information and capture their interest to create meaningful interactions. This piece of information allows your website to optimize its content according to certain interests of the visitors and customers.

      To understand how content personalization affects CX, understand what lack of personalization can do. 74%[ii] of customers are frustrated when a website doesn’t target their interest. And, a frustrated customer is highly likely to switch to your competitor.

      Personalization on the other hand can boost your ROI. According to Salesforce, more than 84%[iii] of customers have agreed to be delighted by personalization as it makes them feel like a person, not just a number. That’s how personalization doesn’t only boost the CX of your website but also keeps your customers engaged. The more customers engage with your website, the more targeted results you can achieve.

      3 Content Personalization Methods to Boost Engagement

      Now that you are aware of the potential of personalization, the next big question is how to do it. While there are many methods available to personalize your content, it is important to understand which one works best for you.

      Below we’ve defined 3 content personalization methods-


      1. Interactive Quizzes: You must have seen BuzzFeed quizzes that take input from users and roll out personalized results based on the input given. You can also try something similar that captures your audiences’ attention and alter the outcome based on the information they enter. This makes for an excellent engagement-driving method through personalized content.

      2. Gamification: Rewards and recognition are excellent ways to motivate your customers to engage with your website and content. You can leverage interactive games to collect customer data. You can also offer them labels or points to keep them engaged and build loyalty.

      3. Personalized Emails: This is the most common yet effective strategy for offering personalized content that drives user engagement. You can segment your customers demographically and send them relevant information while addressing them by their first name.

      Take Spotify for an example which sends a year-end wrap-up to its users. It basically contains stats about their music preferences in the last year. And, customers love it when they get the spotlight. This brilliant marketing strategy works so well for them and brings them a significant number of new users.

      3 Factors to Consider for Effective Content Personalization

      The efficacy of your content personalization works only when you do it right. It largely depends on whether you manage to meet your customers’ expectations. That’s why it’s imperative that you empower your site with effective content personalization. And, we bring you a great way to achieve that-

      Connect. Test. Repeat.


      To meet your customer’s expectations, you need to know them first. And for that, you need multichannel data to gain an understanding of your customers across all touchpoints. So, collect data across all channels, devices, and platforms. Once you have enough data, unify it to build out single customer profiles. You can leverage this data to understand customer behavior and predict their preferences.


      After you’ve analyzed your data, segment your customers into user groups. Create broad categories to build personalized marketing funnels and test out various strategies on them. For instance, categorize your mobile and laptop users and display different CTAs to them. Analyze what strategy works best for which category. The possibilities are endless and you might get some meaningful insights.


      There’s a possibility that some combinations may not work out as you’ve anticipated. However, that still is a win as you’ve learned valuable information. The key is to keep attempting and collecting data. Eventually, you’ll get a hold of this and will experience a notable rise in the conversion rate.

      Content Personalization With CMS and Marketo

      Marketo, a popular marketing utility can accelerate your marketing efforts to some extent only. But, imagine the potential when Marketo is combined with your CMS. When your CMS knows what interests a certain customer through Marketo, it can automatically tailor the content to their interests. And that’s how it automates your strategy for converting leads and account-based marketing. But, how do you integrate your CMS with Marketo?

      If you run a WordPress-powered website, then we have just the solution for you. Enter – WordPress-Marketo connector.

      With WordPress-Marketo integration in place, businesses can have the complete tool kit to deliver the most relevant and engaging content. The connector integrates your CMS with Marketo and combines their capabilities. Now, WordPress can gain access to the customer data in Marketo and refine the content accordingly. As a result, customers get the most resourceful and intuitive experience.


      The web is becoming more personalized than ever. The best part? Customers don’t just embrace it but demand it from their preferred brand. As a customer-centric business, it is your duty to fulfill your customers’ demands and deliver an exceptionally personalized experience.

      Wish to Take Your Website Experience to the Next Level? Talk to Us!

      With Grazitti’s WordPress-Marketo Connector, deliver personalized CX at scale and boost your conversions. To know more about our connector, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.


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