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      Deliver Personalized Customer Experience With Magento And Marketo Integration

      Jan 20, 2022

      3 minute read

      Customer experience is more than a buzzword these days.

      Offering an end-to-end cross-channel, seamless customer experience, is on top of every Magento store owner’s list. However, to deliver a seamless customer experience, you need omnichannel marketing.

      To do this, marketers use different marketing techniques to boost their sales. Predominantly, they send personalized emails, remarket using special offers and deals, offer related products, and newsletters.

      However, not everything can be done via your Magento store. When it comes to customer loyalty, improving marketing effectiveness, and increasing sales, you need a marketing automation platform like Marketo.

      Integrating your Magento store with Marketo offers numerous benefits and helps you –

      • Optimize your marketing efforts
      • Execute personalized campaigns
      • Bridge the gap between your sales and marketing teams
      • Increase lead generation
      • Supercharge your sales process

      It enables your marketing team to automate and streamline marketing tasks, improve operational efficiency, and increase conversion rate by eliminating repetitive processes.

      benefits of integrating Magento and Marketo

      Let’s see how the Marketo & Magento integration can pave way for an enhanced eCommerce experience

      Improves ROI
      Marketo and Magento integration provides a 360-degree view of your customers and personalizes every customer experience. Consequently, it helps in increasing revenue while reducing expenses.

      Reduces Cart Abandonment
      Did you know 69.75% of online shoppers abandon their carts?

      While there can be plenty of different reasons for cart abandonment, the silver lining is you can convert a majority of leads merely through automated cart abandonment messages and emails.

      With the Marketo and Magento integration, you can easily track your customers’ shopping carts and profile them instantly based on their actions.

      In case of cart abandonment, marketers can leverage the information to create and deliver highly targeted and personalized email campaigns containing the pictures of the abandoned products in the cart and a CTA to return and complete the purchase.

      Syncs Customer Data
      Integrating your Magento store with Marketo will help you sync data from Magento to Marketo and vice-a-versa. You can synchronize various data sets such as customer data, customer’s purchase history, and more. Marketo uses the data sets to monitor customers’ behavior, trigger automated email campaigns, and generate reports.

      Automates Email Nurturing
      Thanks to Marketo’s customer engagement engine, you can now nurture and engage leads efficiently based on behavioral triggers. It moves the lead back or forth in the pipeline, depending on its actions.

      For instance, if a user has added a product to the cart, the lead will be segmented into an accelerated lead nurture funnel. Through its SmartEngagement technology, marketers can easily deliver engaging and relevant content, eliminating the need to manually create and maintain complex workflows.

      Increases Conversion Rate With Progressive Profiling
      Marketo offers a progressive profiling feature, which uses dynamic forms to collect demographic data and preferences.

      As a result, you don’t have to ask prospects to fill out a form with numerous required fields every time they visit your store and scare them away. Instead with Marketo’s progressive profiling functionality, ask only 2-3 relevant questions initially and use subsequent forms to get the additional data you may need. Integrating Magento with Marketo simplifies this process, resulting in an increased conversion rate.

      Helps Deliver Predictive Content
      Keeping your prospects engaged is key to increasing the conversion rate. Understanding what your prospects are looking at on your website can help you serve them better and meet their rising expectations.

      With the Magento and Marketo integration, you can track your website and identify content assets such as bestsellers, vlogs, blogs, and more. Thanks to machine learning and behavioral triggers, you can show relevant and personalized content to prospects and push them towards the next step of the sales funnel.

      Tracking Purchase History
      The Magento and Marketo integration allows you to track your customers’ purchase history. You can use this data generated from past sales to streamline your marketing strategies, upsell and make specific recommendations, and even ask customers to leave feedback.

      The Bottom Line
      Marketo is an intelligent automated marketing tool that can help you unlock the full potential of your online store. From gaining insights into customers’ behaviors to contextual marketing and anticipating future sales, integrating Marketo with Magento can help marketers win customers in every possible way.

      Want To Integrate Your Magento Store With Marketo With Minimal Effort? Contact Us!

      Maginate, a Magento and Marketo connector developed by Grazitti Interactive, lets you bring Marketo capabilities into your Magento store for better personalization, sync customer data, and drive conversions and ROI. To know more Maginate, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’d be more than happy to help.

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