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      Email Retargeting + Marketing Automation = A Duo That Drives Higher Conversions

      Jun 10, 2022

      3 minute read

      In a digital-first world, your website is your trump card to make an impression on your audience.

      That’s why brands focus on elements like, design, UX, or onsite messaging to encourage visitors to follow through with a purchase.

      But, what happens when they get distracted before making a purchase? Don’t click on your call-to-action (downloading a whitepaper or signing up for your newsletter)?

      These are some common challenges that most marketers face. Usually, a major chunk of your audience that visits your site for the first time leave without buying anything, and then they’re lost forever. Unless you can apply smart marketing strategies to bring them back!

      So, how do you re-engage those leads and convert them into customers?

      Enter – Email retargeting!

      It is a way to re-engage both leads and customers by sending them highly-personalized content through email campaigns.

      And to take your retargeting efforts a notch up, a powerful marketing automation platform can enable you to effectively segment your prospect and customer data to create targeted campaigns.

      In this blog post, we’ll talk about email retargeting, its benefits, and how you can ace your email retargeting game with marketing automation. So, let’s dive in!

      What is Email Retargeting?

      Email retargeting is a practice of sending emails to people based on information about their behavior and interest. It is a way to convert more people into customers because emails sent in a retargeting campaign are more relevant than the average marketing email.

      Benefits of Email Retargeting

      Do you know that retargeting helps address the 98% of visitors who leave a website without making a purchase? In fact, retargeting can increase conversion rates by as much as 150%[i]!

      Email retargeting is, indeed, a powerful way of re-engaging leads, creating the right ad, and directing it to the right people. Here are the other benefits of email retargeting.


      1. Upsell/Cross-Sell to Existing Customers:

      Email retargeting gives you a chance to target and segment-specific audiences. For instance, if you have customers, you can craft a personalized email recommending similar or complementary products to the ones that have already bought.

      2. Re-engage Inactive Customers:

      It’s common that many website visitors come to explore your website, read your blogs, subscribe to your email list, and just… leave. Email retargeting is a great way to re-engage such visitors. Well, email remarketing can use customers’ tracked information to display relevant ads in emails so that you can show your customers offers related to the product they were browsing. It can be a great way to re-engage inactive customers and increase customer retention among active users.

      3. Target Customers With Off-site Ad Campaigns:

      Your website is not only the way to reach new prospects. You can use other platforms (social media platforms) to reach new audiences and drive traffic to your website with an email or ads. And if someone leaves without buying, you can retarget them with an ad. You can use the data you collect with your email retargeting campaigns to run highly targeted ad campaigns on Facebook and Google.

      How Marketing Automation Takes Your Email Retargeting Efforts Up a Notch

      Using Marketing automation in your email retargeting strategy can help you to:

      • Nurture and re-engage your target audience.
      • Encourage activities like product adoption, upsells, and additional purchases.

      Here is how marketing automation can help you boost your email retargeting efforts. With marketing automation, you can:

      • Reach (with personalized emails and custom popups) your customers to remind them of their abandoned shopping cart and include a discount on shipping fees to offer them a reason to continue shopping on your website.
      • Segment your prospects and customer database to send each contact what they want to see.
      • Craft personalize emails (by adding the recipient’s name, location, or the product they’ve purchased or shown interest in) and significantly increase your email open rate.
      • Perform A/B testing on your retargeted emails by adding variations in text, title, images, and other elements to know which one is performing better.
      • Increase engagement by sending emails to the right recipient at the right time according to pre-set triggers (behavioral triggers) or timings.

      The Bottom Line

      Email retargeting is an effective way to re-engage your prospects and customers with highly targeted messages. And when you add marketing automation to your email retargeting strategy, you’d be on your way to engaging inactive users, improving upsell opportunities, and driving better ROI.

      Want to Ace Your Email Retargeting Strategy With Marketing Automation? Talk to Us!

      Our marketing automation aces will be happy to play a part in setting the right email retargeting strategy to drive more revenue for your business. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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