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      Employee Onboarding Made Easy With Walk-Throughs on Salesforce-Powered Communities

      May 25, 2022

      4 minute read

      We are currently in the midst of a learning revolution.

      Technology has given us the tools to build learning programs that meet individual learners where they are at and give them exactly what they need, when they need it.

      Salesforce enables businesses to connect with their customers in a whole new way.

      And to get the most out of your Salesforce-powered community, you need to keep your employees and customers at the core of your digital adoption efforts. This raises the need for onboarding employees using a digitized approach rather than a traditional one.

      For this, you need to provide walk-throughs to users when they first land on your Salesforce-powered community.

      This not only helps increase retention rates and engagement, but also saves companies time and money spent on training, hiring, and onboarding new employees.

      In this blog post, you’ll learn all about digital adoption platforms (DAPs), the challenges with these platforms, and their benefits. But, first, let’s have a look at the top trends shaping the future of online training software.

      5 Trends Transforming the Future of Digital Adoption Platforms

      The future of online training software is ever-growing. The industry has evolved significantly over the past few years and the latest developments are expected to transform it even further.


      Here are some of the trends shaping this space, which will make it more common in tomorrow’s workplace.

      1. Just-in-Time Learning

      Ensure that your employees have relevant information at the right time, when they need it. Just-in-time learning reacts to user needs and enhances productivity.

      For instance, when you onboard an employee on your Salesforce community and they are taught just the lesson needed to perform a specific task, they can retain more information without wasting any time.

      2. Context-Based Learning

      Contextualized learning is based on real-time data and provides learning based on the same context where the training will be applied.

      Customize your programs based on how a user’s skills and knowledge match the content to help them enhance productivity and retain knowledge.

      3. Personalized Learning

      Customize content and experiences to meet the needs of each individual employee. With content tailored to their job role and career needs, they will become more engaged and productive.

      Promote a more positive learning experience within the organization, with personalization to knowledge retention.

      4. Practical Skills vs Broad Knowledge

      Providing employees with intensive theoretical learning content can slow down their learning and prevent them from acquiring the skills they need to be productive.

      With time, employees need to acquire more generalized knowledge for more career development options. However, training software is gravitating towards practical skills, which means that this trend will definitely be more pronounced in the future.

      5. Data-Driven Training

      Online training tools use data as it is key to improving productivity in an organization. When employees are provided with data-driven training, they are more likely to retain the information presented.

      And this can be especially important in industries that require employees to handle certain products or work based on certain procedures. So, this is another trend that will bloom in the years ahead.

      How to Solve Most Common Software Learning Pain Points

      When it comes to the rapid growth of software development activities and adoption by users, technology skills are always a common challenge. It’s no surprise that businesses today have a wide range of software application deployments and are looking for ways to minimize learning time and costs associated with these deployments.

      However, software training can be time-consuming and expensive. As employees are already overwhelmed by their current task loads, introducing one more application can lead to stress. Also, watching webinars, dense instruction manuals, and sessions requires a lot of time. They can be expensive as well.

      This leads to employee frustration and a decline in productivity.

      And this is where a digital adoption platform for your online community built on Salesforce comes in, allowing learners to learn and work simultaneously to avoid this predicament.

      Why Use A DAP for Training and Onboarding?

      A digital adoption platform enables employees to learn directly from your community and makes them feel more confident using it. Therefore, you can seamlessly onboard users onto your community.

      Here is why you should use DAP for training and onboarding.

      1. Increased Employee Productivity

      Employees are able to get up and running quickly because they can complete tasks faster following the simple step-by-step community walk-through.

      2. Increases Employee Adoption

      Employees feel more comfortable and confident with their daily tasks once they know the right way to navigate your online community.

      3. Higher Employee Satisfaction

      By offering effective walk-throughs for onboarding, employees feel more valued, which increases staff loyalty and reduces employee churn.

      4. Digital Transformation and Change Management

      DAPs enable a smooth transition for employees to a new community by explaining the process or application changes, which reduces confusion.

      5. User Support and Help-Desk

      By providing in-community support and self-service, users can get answers to queries and guidance to complete critical tasks, reducing the burden on support staff.

      The Value of the Digital Onboarding Process

      Effective user onboarding leads to increased productivity, engagement, and retention. This leads to a heightened digital employee experience.

      With a good digital onboarding process on your Salesforce-powered community, you can have a significant impact on:

      • Platform proficiency
      • Employee productivity and engagement
      • Time-to-competency

      To achieve these benefits, a focused digital adoption platform is key.

      GuideIn: Onboard Employees Seamlessly onto your Salesforce-Powered Community

      GuideIn is a Salesforce-native, Lightning-ready solution that enables businesses to onboard new users, train employees, and broadcast change on Salesforce-powered communities with easy, guided tours.

      On top of it, the product is equipped with a rich GUI, helping businesses to build, administer, update, and track walk-throughs efficiently.

      Here Are Some Notable Features of GuideIn:

      • No-Code, Salesforce-Native, Lightning-Ready
      • Compatible With Public & Private Salesforce Pages
      • Customizable Steps & Guided Tours
      • Modifiable Step Themes
      • Intelligent Scrolling and Continuity
      • Tour Progress Tracking


      Building community walk-throughs is key to seamless employee onboarding. Needless to say, the time for accelerated digital transformation is well and truly here and DAPs are showing great momentum.

      With a digital adoption platform, such as GuideIn, it’s easy to turn employee onboarding onto your Salesforce-powered community into an exciting process. Not only does it help employees acquire needed knowledge, it also helps them adapt to the community much faster.

      Want To Take Employee Onboarding to a Whole New Level? Let’s Talk!

      It’s time to utilize the full potential of your Salesforce-powered community and encourage faster digital adoption. Our Salesforce wizards are all-equipped to create a dynamic onboarding experience for your employees.

      Just drop in a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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