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      Grazitti Interactive’s SearchUnify Becomes the Youngest Product to be Included in The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search, Q2 2019

      Jun 19, 2019

      3 minute read

      On May 29, Forrester published its The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search, Q2 2019 report; a very thorough and comprehensive report that evaluates cognitive search vendors over their market presence, current offerings and strategies with regards to their cognitive search solutions. This time, it included 12 vendors in its analysis and judged them on a set of 24 criteria. SearchUnify, Grazitti Interactive’s AI-enabled enterprise search platform, was the youngest product to be included in this report.

      This was a proud moment for Grazittians, as only less than 3 years after its inception, SearchUnify has made its way amongst the veterans in the cognitive search market.

      To be included in this report the vendor has to qualify against certain parameters. They must have a comprehensive and distinguishable cognitive search solution and some referenceable, enterprise customers for the product.

      The Forrester Wave ReportTM stated “SearchUnify has a well-thought-out technical architecture that should enable the company to fill gaps in data ingestion, tuning, and tools to build custom applications. Customers will find SearchUnify simple and easy to implement if they require unified search across SaaS applications for which it has data connectors.”


      Why is Cognitive Search such a big deal?

      The move to cognitive is the result of a paradigm shift from data and numbers to intelligence augmentation. While programming provided us with data, cognitive helps in making sense of that data, providing useful knowledge and insights. Cognitive systems have the ability to learn and reason with humans, and thus, act more like collaborators.

      For information workers, searches delivering isolated pieces of data are insufficient. Therefore, there is a need for AI-driven search solutions that can uncover information not just from unstructured data but also structured data and non-traditional pieces such as images, videos etc. The biggest USP of AI-driven cognitive search is that it employs machine learning and natural language understanding (NLU). This means that it can over time learn the intent of the user and tune the relevancy of the searches made.

      In 2018, Deloitte published their report on the ‘State of AI in the Enterprises’ which analyzed the investments made by enterprises in AI and Cognitive technologies. The report stated that “cognitive technologies are a necessity and not an option”, with 82 percent of the respondents stating that their AI implementations have had a positive effect on the returns.

      Why SearchUnify fits in this deal?

      SearchUnify, powered by Grazitti Interactive, leverages cognitive search platforms, with insight engines and applications. It is also built using machine learning and natural language understanding, that enables cross-platform enterprise search empowered by AI-based algorithms to gather information regarding end-user behavior. This, in turn, helps in tweaking the searches to become more personal and relevant to the user.

      What makes it stand out is Conversational Intelligence. A virtual agent works on SearchUnify’s platform that dives headlong into the entire knowledge repository to bring out context-based results for much superior customer experience. This helps businesses in providing automated technical assistance.

      Want to witness this product live in action? Request a free demo here.

      SearchUnify powers highly relevant and personalized search results for customer service consoles and portals. Its cognitive search has the ability to index disparate content repositories and provide advanced insights into user search behavior, content usability, and content gaps – all the while self-learning to personalize and keep responses within context. For more info, drop us an email at [email protected].

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