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      HubSpot’s Fifth Hub is Here – Operations Hub

      Jun 21, 2021

      4 minute read

      What’s that in the HubSpot block? A new addition to the hub, you say?

      That’s right! Recently, HubSpot announced a fifth hub – The Operations Hub to join its CRM family. It’s aimed at enabling the operations teams to drive growth and revenue.

      When marketing and sales operations get complex, issues arise, and disconnect and miscommunication become common, organizations bring in the operations folks and task them with fixing issues.

      However, with this approach, operations teams are often overwhelmed with technology barriers, admin work, and end up feeling out of sync with other teams due to silos.


      The Operations Hub can prove to be a solid ally to bring efficiency, alignment, and agility across your organization. Let’s unravel what it’s all about and how it empowers operations teams to deliver a seamless customer experience.

      What is the Operations Hub?

      The Operations Hub helps you pack an operations team’s complete toolkit into a CRM platform, unite your teams around a single source of truth, and free your operations team from reactive tasks. It has the potential to solve technical challenges around data management and overall flexibility that tend to hold up lead generation and automated workflows.

      Why is the Operations Hub a Must-Have?

      The main features of the HubSpot Operations Hub that steal the show are:

      • Data Sync
      • Programmable Automation
      • Data Quality Automation

      Let’s understand what these features are and how they are designed to help your business.

      1. Data Sync

      Even with a robust tech stack at your disposal, getting too many tools or apps to work seamlessly with HubSpot can get tricky and lead to friction between teams and operational inefficiencies.

      That’s where data sync can help.

      Data Sync enables you to connect 25 widely popular business applications like MailChimp, Microsoft Dynamics, etc, to HubSpot. And the best part – it doesn’t need any code.

      It provides you with a custom-built connector with features like bi-directional sync, custom field mapping, historical syncing, and filtering that enables data syncing straight into HubSpot to improve efficiency and align your teams like never before.

      Even if you’ve been working with separate systems for a while, HubSpot can scan and sync an entire database of historical data.


      2. Programmable Automation

      Automation isn’t one-size-fits-all because all businesses are unique. Until now, users could only implement automation based on pre-defined workflow actions.

      That’s why programmable automation is a delight for every HubSpotter.

      Programmable automation offers your automation to be just as flexible as you want it to be. You can create your actions based on your own needs, create custom API calls, run SQL queries, execute code directly within HubSpot workflows, and more. Also, you can add third-party data to HubSpot forms, automate renewal management, or create lead score properties.

      All you’ve got to do is simply drag and drop a custom code block into HubSpot’s powerful workflow and write your Javascript actions. It’s that simple!


      3. Data Quality Automation

      Data is what fuels strategic business decisions. However, providing clean, quality data becomes tricky as your business scales.

      Data quality automation allows you to clean and format property values, capitalize first names, fix date properties, update phone numbers, and much more.

      With new data quality actions in workflows, you’ll be able to automate the time-consuming data issues and keep your data clean. Once your data becomes squeaky clean and is under control, it can be transferred to your other apps via Data Sync. This enables your operations and marketing teams to be backed with high-quality data and focus on fostering growth.

      Why is the Operations Hub a Great Addition?

      With customer delight and experience being the core focus of any business, a 360-degree view of all your customer data is critical and the Operations Hub enables that. It connects all your disparate data to bring a source of truth to your CRM.

      Let’s look at some practical use cases that make the operations hub a great addition for teams to become efficient and proactive. With the operations hub, you can:

      1. Simplify and improve SDR reporting with single object fields. It resolves the challenges in sales processes by enabling advanced reporting that captures everything and combining all data into a report for a succinct view of all tasks that SDRs have.

      2. Easily integrate HubSpot with any finance tool without 3rd party middleware. For instance, you can use Operations Hub to sync your CRM to your ERP to ensure that every department is on the same page with accurate data.

      3. Enhance your HubSpot records with external data using pull integrations by automatically pulling information from other databases to enrich records and create sales tasks for the most relevant leads.

      4. Simplify renewals with automation renewal deal management by automating renewal deal creation. Also, you can easily track the renewal pipeline and automate renewal deals to increase conversion.

      5. Ensure continuous sync of data in real-time rather than trigger-based. This means information is constantly shared between your tools and not just when a certain action happens. This eliminates the challenge of traditional trigger-based integration.

      HubSpot’s new addition is an exciting step into operations and is, definitely, something to add into the mix so that all your teams operate in an unhindered and strategic manner to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

      Wish to narrow your operational gaps with the Operations Hub? Talk to us!

      Our HubSpot aces will be happy to eliminate any gaps and take your operations to the next level. Just drop in a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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