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      Prevent Duplicates and Boost Sales Productivity with Grazitti’s Advanced Deduping Solution for Salesforce Lightning

      Dec 27, 2018

      3 minute read

      How often do your sales folks face the wrath from prospects? If quite often is your reply, is it because the same lead was approached more than once?

      Multiple reps calling the same leads is probably because you have duplicate data. This not only affects your brand repo and value but also dents the team performance and productivity.

      Regardless of the consequences, your Salesforce database plays a pivotal role in the success of your organization. A Salesforce report concluded that 52% of Salesforce Admins report that improving productivity and operations within their business is the most important part of their role; 23% say that helping their organization make better decisions is a top priority.

      All of these can be achieved with quality data in Salesforce. Attack the root cause of the problem i.e. duplicate accounts. So, deduplication is a data management process of utmost importance for every company.


      If Sales Cloud in Lightning Experience is what your team uses, Salesforce offers a dupe manager app to prevent duplicates. However, it offers very basic functionalities based on raw defined criteria to identify dupes. Let’s us tell you what Mary did to overcome this situation.

      Mary is the sales manager at a leading software development company in Michigan. She noticed that her team was also facing the wrath from the prospects. She identified that duplicate accounts were the reason behind all this chaos.

      Mary’s company receives leads from multiple sources so unsurprisingly, a number of prospects end up more than once in the company data.

      What Mary wanted

      Mary’s team was also using the default dupe manager app provided by Salesforce. But it was not sufficient to identify all the dupes. So, Mary wanted an advanced tool that could improve the effectiveness of account-based pitching by merging duplicate accounts. She was seeking an effective and highly flexible dupe manager, where salespeople could define the business rules to merge duplicates.

      How We Helped Mary

      Leveraging their wide experience, our experts developed an advanced Salesforce app. Mary could now define the criteria based on which duplicate accounts could be found.

      The development process took place in three phases:

      1. Assessing the possibilities if the requirements can be met or not

      2. Listing the criteria on the basis of which the duplicates would be identified

      3. Developing a new app to strengthen dupe management based on the requirements of Mary.

      Note: The app can be used in Sales Cloud irrespective of Classic or Lightning Experience.

      After a stiff quality assurance, the app was handed over to Mary and her team to leverage its functionalities including:

      • Identifying and merging accounts based on a defined set of criteria
      • Sharing or transferring information from a Child account to a Master account
      • Defining the conditions when two different accounts should be placed under one Master account

      After Installing the App, Mary

      • Prevented duplicate account creation more efficiently
      • Saved thousands of dollars each year
      • Increased sales productivity
      • Found more visibility into accounts and details

      If your Sales team also uses Sales Cloud (Classic or Lightning Experience) and duping is a challenge, you can take a leaf from Mary’s success book and use our advanced deduping solution for Salesforce.

      Download this Solution Doc to understand what this tool is actually capable of and what you can do using it.


      Need more information about the solution? Contact us.

      At Grazitti Interactive, our certified Salesforce experts have provided award-winning, customized solutions for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Online Communities, and other Salesforce implementations. If you need any sort of assistance, want to leverage the latest Salesforce enhancements for your Salesforce instance, or optimize your instance, drop us a line at [email protected].

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