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      WordPress-Marketo Connector

      Reasons to Integrate WordPress with Marketo

      May 29, 2020

      2 minute read

      If you are working on WordPress, you have endless possibilities ahead of you. It is a flexible platform that was built to be expanded and customized the way you would want.

      For content creation, many would argue that it has no parallel. And if you are a WordPress user, you may be well-familiar with its extensible nature that makes creating even complex content easier.

      However, it is not as straightforward as that.

      While WordPress does help you in creating and publishing your content, it does not necessarily ensure that the right content reaches the right audience. You will have to empower it more to achieve this and integrating it with other platforms in your marketing stack can help solve the purpose.

      reasons why you should integrate wordpress with marketo

      We would recommend coalescing Marketo with WordPress.

      Think about it. You develop web pages in WordPress. But these webpages do not contain any user information. This information is collected through Marketo forms.

      This means that you cannot track your visitors that land on your webpages; analyze their interests and deliver to them the right content that would suit their industry. But if there was some way through which you could leverage Marketo insights into your WordPress web pages, this would be achievable.

      WordPress and Marketo integration will help you achieve the following:

      1. Hyper-personalization
      2. Content localization
      3. Newsletter automation
      4. Progressive profiling

      And a lot more.

      We saw extreme potential in this integration from a marketing perspective, and therefore, created a WordPress Marketo connector.

      How does WordPress Marketo Connector benefit a user?

      The connector was used by a company which is a leading supplier of mechanical components of factory automation tools such as cutting tools, wiring, electrical, and control components.

      Before using the connector, the company’s marketing team would send out newsletter emails to its 100,000 subscribers by manually inputting the content into Marketo landing pages and then editing it through HTML.

      This monotonous work was an extra burden on their resources which would not only require a lot of time but also would dampen their efficiency. Therefore, there was a need to cut-out this labour-intensive process through automation.

      WordPress Marketo Connector provided an instant solution to the problem.

      The connector helped the marketing team in sending out automated notifications to their subscribers everytime a new blog was published. Moreover, it also let them choose multiple blog posts and send them to the subscribers at once. The connector would also allow them to tailor content as per their needs and thus, would fit perfectly well within their ABM strategy.

      As a result, their marketing campaigns were fast and rolling, as well as hyper-personalized through the WordPress Marketo Connector.

      Evaluate how this connector works. Contact Us.

      For your assurance, Grazitti Interactive offers a test drive of the WordPress Marketo Connector in the form of a seven days free-trial. To avail it, shoot us a mail at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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