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      6 Reasons to Use Sinergify

      May 10, 2018

      3 minute read

      Sinergify—a Salesforce-Jira Connector—can help you achieve greater cross-functional collaboration between your various customer-facing and back-end teams. If your organization is highly invested in Salesforce and Jira ecosystem, the connector enables bidirectional, secure, flexible, and scalable integration of both the platforms.

      The connector fosters better collaboration and seamless information exchange. Thus, helping an organization become more connected and customer-centric.

      The connector offers numerous benefits to various customer-facing (sales, customer support) and back-end (product, engineering, legal, marketing, business process) teams. Click here to check out the team-wise benefits the connector offers.

      A connected workplace is primordial to attaining customer-centricity and Sinergify is your way out. So, capitalize on effective collaboration and better productivity. Let’s get you through the top six reasons why you should opt for Sinergify:


      1. Salesforce Lightning-Ready

      Lightning Experience (LEX) is not just the future but also the present of Salesforce. Considering the eventual phasing out of Classic, and constant evolution of LEX, any connector whose goal is to facilitate collaboration has to be Lightning-ready.

      Sinergify is Salesforce Lightning-ready. It works with both the Classic and Lightning editions. It has a number of great features including intuitive UI & UX and hundreds of out-of-the-box components.

      2. Salesforce Native

      Sinergify resides in the Salesforce ecosystem, which means that you have more charge over the functioning of the connector. It also leverages the REST API of Salesforce which is secure and capable of preventing information access breaches.

      Being Salesforce-native, the connector provides effective control over components like comments and attachments. This is essential because not all comments need to be visible to your support reps.

      3. Zero-Code Setup

      Setting up the connector is so easy that even a layperson can do it with ease. All one has to do is download it, enter the unique product code provided by us and follow the instructions mentioned in our self-installation guide. And you are ready for action!

      4. No User-Defined Limit

      One of the USPs of Sinergify is that there are no limits imposed as to how many people can use it. So let everyone use the connector without paying extra for each new user.

      5. Flexible, Scalable, Configurable, and Customizable

      Easily Configurable: Lets you define the rules. It’s up to you to determine and allocate the rightful access of information across your teams.
      Flexible and Customizable: The connector is adaptable. You can customize it to best handle your use cases, business processes, and workflows. Designing customized systems is a part of our team’s expertise.

      6. An Experienced Team with Round-the-Clock Support

      The last decade was a productive one for our team since they deployed this out-of-the-box solution for a number of clients. But, that’s not all. Our support agents are available 18*5 for any assistance. For 24*7 support, you can contact us.


      Sinergify is a product aimed at making business workflows faster and smoother by enabling cross-functional collaboration. Therefore, it helps your teams engage with end-users in a better way and thus, delivering enriched customer experience.

      Regardless of the Salesforce object (standard or custom) or module (Sales, Service, Community, Marketing Cloud, etc.) that you work on, you can integrate it with both cloud and on-premises versions of all Jira products through Sinergify.

      Our experts can help you with its implementation, that includes configuring, data migration, customization, etc.

      Want to try Sinegify in your business environment? Start your free trial now!

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