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      Safeguard Your Marketo Assets With M-Hive

      May 29, 2020

      5 minute read

      “Data really powers everything that we do.” – Jeff Weiner

      We live in a world where data is the new oil. Imagine, your business without data, could your business still function? We know your answer was a big ‘NO’!

      For businesses, data backup is a critical function that they implement in order to prevent massive data and productivity loss down the road. For marketers, content assets are just as essential as the data in your CRM. Let’s face it, the data in your CRM is no good if you don’t use it to run exceptional campaigns with landing pages and emails that Marketo is capable of delivering. While a business titan like Marketo, cares about their users’ data safety, assets in cloud-based applications can still be lost because of various reasons. A sure-fire solution to safeguard them is an asset back-up solution for Marketo assets.

      In this blog post, we’ll talk about how our asset backup solution M-Hive lets Marketo users back up, restore, and do so much more with their assets. Let’s get to it.

      Why is asset back-up crucial?


      3/5 of back-ups are incomplete and half of the data restore fails. That’s right, a back-up can fail and you may not realize it until it’s too late. You could lose your assets in a number of ways:

      • cyberattack
      • damage to equipment
      • faulty machines/processes
      • accidental deletion
      • natural disasters
      • burglary or theft

      Thus, backing up assets to the cloud is essential for marketers to ensure their campaigns don’t hit pause or take them back to where they started.

      What challenges do Marketo users face with asset back-up?

      Regular back-ups are essential to ensure that your assets can be restored fully, with no missing data. There were a few limitations surrounding Marketo assets back-up for which Marketo users requested a solution on the Marketo community. Here are a few challenges they faced:

      1. Lack of asset repository
      2. Lack of asset back-up functionality
      3. Security of backed-up assets

      These challenges led to us developing our in-house Marketo assets back-up app – M-Hive.

      How does M-Hive help?

      M-Hive is a ready-to-use, secure cloud-based web app that makes asset management within Marketo easy for your entire team. M-Hive is the ideal back-up solution for your Marketo data even if your Marketo subscription is canceled. Here are the features M-Hive offers:

      1. Easy Configuration: The M-Hive configuration link is available in the toggle sidebar. Just enter the relevant credentials so you can begin your Marketo asset back-up journey with M-Hive.


      2. Easy Back-up of Assets: M-Hive allows easy back-up of 4 kinds of Marketo assets which are:

      • Emails
      • Email Templates
      • Landing Pages
      • Landing Page Templates

      3. Marketo Asset Tour: To help you get started on M-Hive, a support feature Start Marketo Asset Tour is present. The tour gives you a simplified overview of all the sections in M-Hive to familiarize you with the use of each feature.


      4. Split View, Design View, and Code View: These features are available for email, email templates, and landing page templates. The Code View gives you a look at the HTML code, the Design View gives a visual representation of your code, and the Split View gives you a multi-pane look at the HTML code and the visual design side-by-side.


      5. Schedule Asset Back-up Frequency: You can easily schedule asset back-up as and when you need, be it on a daily, weekly, or on-demand basis.

      6. Add New User functionality: You can add any number of users to your M-Hive account. The Add New User functionality is present on the toggle sidebar. This functionality makes it easier for your marketing team to add more relevant users to back up the assets.


      7. Password Reset Functionality: Fret not, if you forget your password, password reset functionality is present. You can easily hit reset your password and you’d receive an email with a new password.


      8. Security: To ensure data security, M-Hive also offers email notifications for any changes that are made in your M-Hive instance. You’d receive email notifications anytime you:

      • reset your password
      • add new users
      • refresh the asset list after making changes
      • when your back-up is completed

      making it simpler to track and overview any changes made to your account.

      9. Restore Deleted/Edited Assets in Marketo: A restore can be done in just a few clicks in M-Hive which will restore your deleted/edited email and landing page assets or templates in Marketo. You can view a list of all previous versions of your assets and can restore them accordingly if you want to undo changes.


      10. Real-time Status: The dashboard tracks and displays the real-time status of your email and landing page assets back-up history. Also, you get a preview of the last back-up date and last updated individually for each asset, making it easier to keep a track of the back-up status of your assets.


      It’s best not to play Russian roulette with your Marketo assets and back them up regularly to maintain reliability and M-Hive is the way to go!

      Want to know more about how M-Hive can help you? Talk to us!

      At Grazitti, we provide the latest Marketo solutions to keep you ahead of the curve. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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